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Updated: Protolabs Pandemic Response—7.6 Million Parts and Counting
At first a stop-gap for interrupted Chinese production then a bulwark of emergency medical production at home, Protolabs’ response to coronavirus continues, nearly 8 million parts and counting.

FPU 3D-printed skateboard wheels

Protolabs Will Now Offer the Carbon Platform to Its 3D Printing Services
Greg Thompson, Protolabs' global product manager for 3D printing, discusses why the Carbon technology is a good fit for Protolabs’ customers. 

Protolabs HQ

Protolabs CEO Discusses the Digital Age of Manufacturing
As the company reaches its 20-year milestone, Plastics Technology talked with Protolabs CEO Vicki Holt about what’s next for the innovative company.

PolyOne Pinpoint system dispenser.

Colorants: New System Allows Custom Liquid-Color Matching by Molders
PolyOne and 3M collaborate on quick recipe generation and mixing/dosing of liquid colors for in-house color matching by short-run injection molders.

SafKan headphones

3D-Printed Headphones Receive Cool Idea! Award from Protolabs
The grant helps Tucson startup meet customization requirements during device’s trial stage.

Protolabs “on-demand” short-run manufacturing

‘Digital Manufacturing’ Evolves from Prototyping to ‘On-Demand’ Short Runs
Protolabs has built a business on speed. Today its “digital manufacturing” model is accelerating from rapid prototypes and first-run production parts to “on-demand” short-run manufacturing.

Forecast 3D HP Multi Jet Fusion 3D printer systems

Additive Manufacturing at NPE2018: Lots of Prototyping…and Some Manufacturing Too
As a growing industry, there will be lots of ‘firsts’ at NPE, including a new zone and workshop.

Carbon CLIP 3D Printing

Molders: Where Is 3D Printing Now; Where Is It Headed; Should You Come Along?
As the capabilities of injection molding and 3D printing continue to converge, when does additive manufacturing shift from a nice-to-offer to a must-provide for molders?

Cubibot CEO CTO Aria Noorazar

New 3D Printers at NYC Show
Affordability, speed, and improved mechanical properties appeal to early adopters.

Proto Labs colored heat map

Prototyping Specialist Upgrades Services For Short-Run Production Molding
Proto Labs, a “digital manufacturing company” known for its rapid injection molding prototyping services, has expanded its injection molding capabilities to address the market for short-run “on-demand” manufacturing. 

Proto Labs Finds Millennials Upbeat on Manufacturing’s Future
Survey indicates increased optimism and changing perceptions about the industry among those from their late teens to late 30s.

What's Out There, What's Coming and Trying to Know What You Don't
Leading companies do three things consistently when it comes to technology.

Spotlight On 3D Printing at K 2016
During K 2013, Arburg captured everyone’s attention with its novel Freeformer machine for additive manufacturing. We’ll find out soon what will be the next showstopper, but in the meantime, here’s a preview of some cool and innovative 3D printing technologies that you’ll see in Dusseldorf.

proto labs

Two-Component Parts in 15 Days Or Less
Proto Labs has added a quick-turn overmolding service in response to customer requests for cost-effective prototyping or low-volume production of overmolded parts.

Rapid Mfg Brings Innovative Irrigation System to Market
An innovative irrigation system went from art-to-part in two weeks thanks to rapid manufacturing from ProtoLabs.

Protomold Injection Molding
Our Protomold rapid injection molding service is the fastest, easiest and coolest way to transform your new part design into real molded parts.

Good design feedback is hard to find.

First Cut CNC Machining
Our First Cut CNC machining service is as fast, easy, and automated as SLA and FDM, but your parts are made from your choice of over 30 real engineering resins, including aluminum.

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