Additive Manufacturing | 1 MINUTE READ

Molders: Where Is 3D Printing Now; Where Is It Headed; Should You Come Along?

As the capabilities of injection molding and 3D printing continue to converge, when does additive manufacturing shift from a nice-to-offer to a must-provide for molders?


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Additive manufacturing (AM) and traditional injection molding can already check a lot of the same boxes: net-shape parts, precision, repeatability, a wide range of materials. The pace of change within AM is such that the technology is continuously making big strides in areas like resolution, speed and materials offered. Beyond the similarities with molding, there are also key differences, including geometries that would be virtually impossible in molding and the time and cost associated with the fabrication of tooling.

With that in mind, Molding 2018 (Feb. 27-March 1; Long Beach, Calif.) is providing an entire track dedicated to the technology—3D Printing: Molder’s Friend or Foe—which will feature a cross section of industry players who are fully immersed in additive manufacturing. Speakers in the session range from molders and moldmakers to printing technology suppliers and AM houses with the scale to challenge traditional molding in certain lot ranges.

Learn from their successes (and mistakes) and see if (or when) you should add AM to your portfolio.

Wednesday, Feb. 28, Molding 2018
3D Printing: Molder’s Friend or Foe?

8:00 am
Impact of Additive Manufacturing on Traditional Moldmaking Techniques & Technologies
Jeff Christian, CEO Phoenix Deventures
Read more about Phoenix Deventures

8:30 am
3D Printing: Between Prototyping & High Production Molding
Gabe Bentz, president, Slant 3D
Read more about Slant 3D

9:00 am
A User’s Guide for Additive Manufacturing in Production Tooling: Conformal Cooling & Hot Runner Manifold Design
William Sames, CEO, HTS International Corp.
Read more about HTS International

9:30 am
3D Printing? Injection Molding? How to Choose the Right Technology for Your Project
Jeff Schipper, director of special operations, Proto Labs
Read more about Proto Labs

10:00 am coffee/refreshment break

10:30 am
3D Printing as a Viable Alternative to Injection Molding
Jonathan Schwartz, co-founder/CPO, VooDoo Manufacturing
Read more about VooDoo Manufacturing

11:00 am
Beneath the Hype: 3D Printing or Injection Molding?
Ken Burns, technical sales director, Forecast 3D
Learn more about Forecast 3D

11:30 am
3D Printing Versus Injection Molding—New Technology Changes the Balance
Scott Kraemer, production development engineer, Carbon
Learn more about Carbon 3D

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