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Company Profile

Riverdale Color, with a legacy dating back to the early 1900s as a supplier of dyes and industrial chemicals, and MAGUIRE®, world leader in gravimetric auxiliary equipment, have combined nearly a century of experience serving the plastics industry to form Riverdale Global.

As Seen In Plastics Technology

Additives: Liquid Strengthening Additive Substantially Boosts Physical Properties of Recycled Polymers
Riverdale Global’s +Restore additive has been shown to strenghten PP, PP copolymer and HDPE regrind.

Additives: Special Effects Liquid Colors for Packaging and Consumer Products
Riverdale Global’s new liquid colors offer special effects at low addition levels. 

NPE2018 New Technology Focus: Additives
The broad range of new additives includes modifiers, silicone additives for various polyolefins, compatibilizers PET and PLA, a blowing agent reinforced nylons, flame-retardant synergists for wire & cable, unique colorants, and color-tracking software for liquid-color metering devices. 

Riverdale Global President Paul Maguire

Changing the Game in Liquid Color
Riverdale Global’s ‘Computerized Color’ technology and service offerings continue to evolve.

Ascend’s Vydyne XHT nylon 66

Resins & Additives at NPE2018: Spotlight on Performance, Economy, Sustainability
NPE will host lots of news in engineered thermoplastic compounds, customized TPEs, polyolefins for packaging, bioplastics, recycled content compounds, purging agents, 3D printing materials, and a slew of innovative additives.

screenshot of GlobalTracker

Liquid Color Tracking System Automates Purchasing and More
Riverdale Global's 'free' system uses real-time data from color metering devices.

Riverdale Global direct coloring injection molding

New Approach Promises Better On-Machine Coloring for Injection Molding
New technology addresses limitation to injection molding with color or additive metering at the machine throat.

Additives: Liquid UV Stabilizers for Precise Dosing
Riverdale Global adds seven new standard liquid light stabilizers for injection molding.

AUXILIARIES: 3D Imaging App Is New Aid to Shopping for Equipment
Turn images around and examine interior components.

ADDITIVES: Broad Range of Liquid Blowing Agents
Riverdale Global has been growing its liquid additives portfolio and the newest addition is a diverse range of blowing agents.

ADDITIVES: Liquid Antimicrobials for Polyolefins & Engineering Thermoplastics
Riverdale Color's new +Clean liquid additives are said to surpass efficiency of antimocrobial pellets.

ADDITIVES: Liquid Nucleating and Clarifying Agents for Polyolefins
Riverdale Global's new family of liquid additives for PP and HDPE help reduce molding costs.

ADDITIVES: Full Range of Liquid Additives Singly Supplied in Sealed Containers
Riverdale Global's new GlobalPlus Sealed Additives span a broad range of modifiers and process aids.

FEEDING: System Automatically Refills Liquid Color
Riverdale Global's new automatic liquid color feeding system reduces downtime.

Materials at NPE: New Solutions to Enhance Processing, Performance, Sustainability & Cost
There was no shortage of new thermoplastics and additives covering the full range of end-use applications.

AUXILIARIES AT NPE: More Control, Flexibility, And Efficiency
These are key trends in the many kinds of auxiliary equipment displayed at this month’s show. You’ll also see equipment designed to be virtually ‘foolproof.’

MATERIALS HANDLING: Gravimetric Stand Enhances Liquid Color Use
Riverdale Global will showcase its new Riverdale Gravimetric Stand for liquid color metering at NPE 2015.

MATERIALS HANDLING: Liquid-Color System Adds Gravimetric Control
The addition of gravimetric control reportedly makes liquid color as easy to handle as pelletized color concentrate.

Why Processors Are Rediscovering Liquid Colorants
In extrusion, injection, and blow molding, liquid color is enjoying something of a renaissance. Cost is one reason, but advances in pigments, carriers, delivery systems, and innovative service programs have played a role too.

ADDITIVES: News in Liquid Color
Liquid color is gaining interest as evidenced by suppliers' investments in new products and services.


ADDITIVES: Go Local for Liquid Color
Riverdale Global to provide U.S. and overseas plastics processors with local supply of liquid colors.

Product Categories of Riverdale Global

Antioxidant Concentrates
Antistat Concentrates
Blenders (non-intensive)
Blowing Agents--Concentrates
Color Concentrates, Liquid or Paste
Fragrance Additives
Impact Modifiers
Lubricant Concentrates
Metering, Proportioning Equipment
Nucleating/Clarifying Agents
Odor Neutralizers
Pumps - Liquid Additive
Purging Compounds
Release Agents--Internal (Additive Type)
Slip Agent Concentrates
Slip Agents
UV Stabilizer Concentrates
UV Stabilizers