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As Seen In Plastics Technology

Injection Molding: Faster, Smarter, More Efficient Machines Tackle Sustainable Molding at K 2019
Blazing speed plus shrinking energy consumption supported the “green” theme at the big show. Smarter controls and growing connectivity were another key focus.

Blow Molding: Something for Everyone at K Show
Packaging, industrial, continuous-extrusion, accumulator-head, injection-blow, stretch-blow, EPET, foam, sandwich co-injection—the blow molding news was wide ranging at K 2019.

Erema, Sipa, Kyoei Industry and Suntory leaders

Erema and Sipa's Xtreme Renew Recycling Technology Wins World Packaging Award
Erema, Sipa, Kyoei Industry and Suntory, four companies involved in developing the system, recieved the award for this unique example of a closed plastic loop.

Valeria Orozco Nestlé

Recycling a Key Focus at The Packaging Conference
Packaging trends, innovation and initiatives were discussed—all with an emphasis on sustainability.  

SIPA XForm 500 PET preform injection molder runs 11 million cycles without maintenancee

Injection Molding: Upgraded PET Preform System Runs Longer Without Maintenance
SIPA XForm 500 injection molding system is now guaranteed for 11 million cycles between maintenance stops.

SIPA ECS SP stretch-blow machines get faster mold change.

Blow Molding: Faster Mold Changes for PET ISBM Machine
SIPA’s single-stage PET stretch-blow molders now change tools 25% faster.

Recycling film at Erema North America's Discovery Day

New Recycling Technology Debuts At Erema Open House
Several new developments for PET recycling, as well as a new turnkey recycling systems program, made headlines at Erema’s recent customer demonstration day.

Milacron Cincinnati 2250-tons

NPE Wrap-Up: News in Primary Machinery, Part 1
Rounding up details from the Big Show not previously reported in all our other coverage, here’s more news in injection and blow molding, extrusion and compounding. Next month, we’ll conclude with recycling/scrap reclaim, robots, tooling, auxiliary equipment, materials and additives.

Erema Intarema 1108 T

Recycling/Scrap Reclaim at NPE2018: Technology Focuses on Boosting Regrind Consistency, Pellet Quality
There will be no shortage of new technology and highlights of the latest trends in recycling and sustainability at NPE2018.

Hesta 700

Blow Molding: New Machines Take on Challenging Shapes
´┐╝From very small to very large, from hotel amenity bottles to automotive jounce bumpers, new and upgraded machines tackle difficult jobs while improving productivity, quality, and energy efficiency.

BLOW MOLDING AT NPE: New Packaging & Industrial Machines
Several new wheels, a reciprocating-screw system for industrial parts, and a host of new PET machines debuted in Orlando.

INJECTION MOLDING AT NPE: Molding Exhibits Show Off Cell Integration with Multiple Processes & Operations
If you’re interested in lightweight composites, IML, LSR, multi-shot, inmold assembly, barrier coinjection, micromolding, variotherm molding, foams, energy-saving presses, robots, hot runners, and tooling—they’re all here in force.

BLOW MOLDING AT NPE: Energy Savings, Lightweighting & Flexibility
New machines are mostly all-electric, hybrid, or servo-hydraulic.

SIPA Acquires Automa PET Bottle Machine Line
SIPA adds rotary single-stage machines to its arsenal.

 New in PET: Injection-Compression-Stretch-Blow Molding

New in PET: Injection-Compression-Stretch-Blow Molding
Continuous, rotary injection-compression molding of preforms is linked to rotary stretch-blow molding.

Blow Molding News at K 2013
All-electric machines of all types were the stars of the show, but there were a number of other noteworthy developments.

K 2013 Preview: Injection Molding
Next month’s mammoth triennial plastics show in Düsseldorf, Germany, challenges injection molding machine builders to demonstrate technological leadership in addressing the needs of the marketplace.

New Hybrid Machine Platform Focused on Customization, Integration, Energy Savings
After five years of product development behind the scenes, Athena Automation is ready for its close-up.

SIPA Partners with Athena Automation on PET Preform Molding Systems
Athena Automation, a company founded by Robert Schad (founder and former majority owner of Husky Injection Molding Systems), has formed a partnership with SIPA of Italy to supply injection molding systems for PET preforms.

BLOW MOLDING: Electric Machines Starting to Purr
Growing use of electric drives in blow molding machinery gathered steam at the K 2010 show, as suppliers rolled out new all-electric and hybrid models for extrusion blow, injection-blow, and stretch-blow production.

Infant safety seat

Blow Molding at NPE 2003
More output, bigger parts, more complex shapes, and more automation are the themes to look for in blow molding equipment at NPE.

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