Top 10 Modern Trends in Performance Plastics

Curbell Plastics’ senior business development director weighs in.  


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Jewel-Toned Colorants for Blow Molded and Injection Molded Polyolefins

Ampacet’s Gemstones Collection said to provide a luxury reflective look to PE, HDPE and PP packaging and consumer products.

Oxygen Scavenger for up to 100% rPET

Avient’s non-nylon based Amosorb 4020R said to provide rPET packaging with full, consistent oxygen scavenging performance and enhanced aesthetics.

Huber to Fully Own Magnifin Non-Halogenated Flame Retardants Business

Huber has signed a definitive agreement with RHI Magnesita to acquire their 50% ownership stake in their 50/50 joint venture


Part 11: A Processor's Most Important Job

It’s the processors job to ensure molded parts contain enough stabilizer to perform to the expectations of the end use.

Materials: Analyzing Filler Content

The process is considered simple. But things aren’t always as they seem.

Use MFR Cautiously with Filled Materials

If melt flow rate tests are used to evaluate the effect of processing on the average molecular weight of the polymer, the applicable rules must consider the contribution of the filler to the test result.

SI Issues Price Increase on Plastics Additives

Price hike is in response to changing market conditions and to ensure  security of supply.    

SI Group Adds China Location to Manufacture Weston 705

Production startup of SI Group’s proprietary liquid antioxidant scheduled for May 2021.

Liquid Toner Technology for Consistent Color Dispersion in Transparent PC

Avient’s ColorMatrix Optica for PC boast exceptional clarity and color consistency for a broad range of applications.
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Heartland Industries to Open Industrial Hemp Processing Facility

With financing from Bank of Ann Arbor, Heartland’s facilities will process 1.5 million lb/yr of industrial hemp for automotive, plastics and packaging industries.

Blue Toners & Colorants for Enhanced Recyclability of PET Packaging

Avient’s new ColorMatrix Optica blue toners and colorants formulated for addition to virgin and recycled PET for injection and extrusion processes.  

Next-Generation Antifog Additive for Packaging and More

Avient’s new Cesa Nofog Plus performs in both hot and cold food packaging as well as agricultural and protective films.

Heat-Resistant Inorganic Yellow Pigments for High-Performance Polymers

Lanxess’  Colortherm Yellow pigments based on iron oxide and zinc oxide are designed for cost-effective coloration  

REPI has Acquired Novosystems GmbH

Italy’s REPI, global supplier of  high-performance liquid color and additives for thermoplastics and polyurethanes expands product offering through new acquisition.

Color & Additive Masterbatches for PCR PET Packaging

Chroma Color has developed additive concentrates that are said to allow for higher levels of PCR PET in packages.

BASF Issues Price Increases on Plastic Additives and Nylon 6

Price adjustments attributed to volatility in pricing and availability of raw materials and high freight rates.

Antimicrobial Based on Elemental Zinc Reduces Coronavirus on Surfaces by Up to 99%

Parx Materials’ Saniconcentrate expected to be a strong and safe tool in preventing the future spread of viruses.

‘First’ Carbon Fiber Smartphone Developed by German Startup

Lanxess Tepex dynalite 208 TPU is the matrix material for Carbon Mobile’s ultra-thin and extremely light smartphone.