Multi-Screw Compounding

The Experts Speak: Seven Cost-Saving Purging Tips for Compounding Twins

Purging gurus from the material, machinery and compounding sides of the industry offer their insights on best practices and tips that can keep your compounding twin-screw extruder up and running.

Purging Compounds

Low-Viscosity, “Dual-Action” Purging Compound

Shuman Plastics’ new Dyna-Purge L purging compound is a recyclable, heat-stable formulation for hot runners, stack molds and extrusion applications.

Purging Compounds

Purging Compound for High-Temperature Engineering Resins

Stable at up to 750 F, Slide’s new Hi-Temp Purge is ideal for purging PPS, PEEK, PET, LCP and PEI.

Purging Compounds

'Highly Efficient' Purging Agent for Blow Molding Polyolefins

Techmer PM’s PFM117632 purging agent said to slash changeover time and offer significant sustainability benefits.
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Purging Compounds

Purging Compounds for Thin-Wall Polyolefin Packaging Production

Chem-Trend’s new series of UltraPurge 100X boasts high efficiency for purging thin-wall polyolefin packaging.

Purging Compounds

Follow These Purging and Preventive Maintenance Tips for Your Screws and Barrels

Processors can extend the life of equipment and improve productivity by coupling a preventive-maintenance program for their screws and barrels with routine use of chemical purging compounds..
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Consumer Products

Sun Plastech Has Rebranded to Asahi Kasei Asaclean Americas

  Company believes the new brand emphasizes the technical expertise and global product development focus for which Asahi Kasei is so well known.  

Purging Compounds

Materials: Purge and Shut-Down Masterbatches for Polyolefins

Ampacet’s new additions to its line of purge and shut-down concentrates are aimed at maintaining product quality and cutting costs, 


Single-Dose Purge Compound Yields Big Savings for Molder

Blackhawk Molding switched to premeasured packets of a new purge compound for 63% overall cost savings.