Foam PP to Improve Sustainability and Cost

Cost-effective use of PP is a major consideration, but the biggest driver of PP foaming is pursuit of sustainability.  
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Join us September 21-23 for a first-of-its-kind event that brings under one roof our annual Molding and Extrusion Conferences, together with the Amerimold Expo. 

U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation Launches Sustainable Plastics Initiative

The Foundation’s initiative is designed to help businesses identify sustainable paths to plastics use and harness the full potential of plastics innovation.  

Polykemi to Have Compounding Production on Three Continents

By next year, the Swedish company will have started production in the U.S. and China.

SABIC’s Certified Renewable PP Used in New Coffee Capsules

Delica AG has launched the new more sustainable coffee capsule for use in it proprietary Delizio capsule machines.   
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Tracing the History of Polymeric Materials: Part 6

How the ‘Big 4’ commodity materials came to be.

Tracing the History of Polymeric Materials, Part 3

In this series we delve into a discerning look back into the history of our industry and how we all got here.   

Materials: Annealing Tips for Semi-Crystalline Polymers: Part 4

You can forgo the elevated mold temperatures normally recommended for high-performance semi-crystalline materials. But it’s risky and likely to yield parts that under-perform expectations … assuming that they emerge from the annealing process looking anything like the drawing.

Polyethylene Fundamentals: Part 6 of 6

Don’t assume you know everything there is to know about PE because it’s been around so long. Here is yet another example of how the performance of PE is influenced by molecular weight and density.

Part 5 of 6: Fundamentals of Polyethylene

How the development of new catalysts—notably metallocenes—paved the way for the development of material grades never before possible.

Part 4 of 6: Polyethylene Fundamentals

Injection molders of small fuel tanks learned the hard way that a very small difference in density—0.6%—could make a large difference in PE stress-crack resistance.

Nova Chemicals Surpasses 65% Completion of its Polyolefins Growth Projects in Ontario

With its accelerated timetable Nova Chemicals is targeting 2022 start-up.

New PP Foam Extrusion Technology

Sulzer Chemtech and Borealis have launched new PP foam extrusion technology said to lower cost and increase efficiency.  

New Industry Guidelines for Recycle Content in Food Packaging

PLASTICS has published the highly-anticipated guidance document.

LDPE and LLDPE Made of 100% PCR

Nova Chemicals has launched its first three 100% PE-PCR resins for flexible film applications.

Scratch-Resistant PP for Complex Interior Automotive Applications

Compounder Polykemi and subsidiary Rondo Plast launch first of new PP-based compound and sustainable variants that boast both high scratch resistance and UV stability.

Tracing the History of Polymeric Materials: Part 6

How the ‘Big 4’ commodity materials came to be.

Chemically Recycled EPS Adopted by Leading European Home Appliance Manufacturer

BSH Hausgeräte to use chemically recycled EPS bead from BASF for ‘luxury’ line of dishwashers  

New President & CEO Joins Resin Technology Inc.

Robert Rosales to head purchasing consultancy RTi

Specialty 50% Recycled Content Copolyester Gets Further Commercial Adoption

Eastman’s Tritan Renew copolyester now used by Italian manufacaturer of water bottles and food storage containers.

Cyclic Olefin Copolymer Earns APR Recognition for Recyclability with HDPE

Polyplastics is developing key data to support industrywide sustainability efforts that will allow companies to confidently use its Topas COC to enhance the performance of recyclable products.

New Liquid and Solid Versions of AA Scavengers for PET Water Bottles

Holland Colours next-generation TasteGuard AA scavenger boasts low dosing, enhanced recyclability of PET.