Testing & Quality Control

There are a wide variety of instruments used to maintain part quality in processing. Materials companies and compounders typically use rheometers, tensile testers and other laboratory instruments that help predict how its material will behave in the real world once it is made into a part. Compounders and processors alike rely on color-matching and formulation devices to keep quality consistent.

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Automotive engineers require realistic thermomechanical data if they are to replace metals with plastics.

Heat Deflection Temperature vs. Dynamic Mechanical Analysis (Part 3)

DMA provides a rich and detailed picture of polymer performance, and it can be challenging to understand all the things that we can and should know about our materials. But the fact that it may be hard does not mean that it should not be attempted.

PART 2 Heat Deflection Temperature vs. Dynamic Mechanical Analysis

Here’s a real-world example of a part failure demonstrating why DMA curves have more value than single-point data generated by HDT.


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