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7/9/2014 | 1 MINUTE READ

Custom Molders: How Do Your Hourly Press Rates Compare?

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We will provide the answer--with a little of your help.



The only place you can find an answer is right here—at ptonline.com—and in Plastics Technology magazine. If you’re one of our injection molding readers, you’re probably familiar with our twice-yearly Custom Injection Molding Hourly Rates Survey. It’s the only source I know of data on average machine-hour rates for different press sizes—with and without operator, with and without profit included—in five regions of the country. I’ve talked to a number of molders who use it to benchmark their own rates versus the competition.


Where do you come in? Right now we’re gathering data for our midyear survey of hourly rates. We need your data to make this survey accurately representative of molders throughout the country. Your answers are submitted anonymously, so they’re 100% confidential. Please go to this address and take 5 minutes to fill out a brief online questionnaire. (Some of you may already have received an email asking you to do so.) So please contribute! Your responses to my blog requesting your help a few months ago were essential to making our 2013 end-of-year survey possible. We need enough of you to respond now so we can get the midyear data in print and online without delay. Thanks!


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