Intermediate Training Courses

The Technology of Injection Molding – Level Two

Optimize the Process. Employees will gain a deep understanding of the scientific method in understanding the effect of each machine control on the four basic variables. Based on a scientific approach, this course analyzes ways to improve productivity and build a solid optimized process. Learned concepts are immediately put into practice using SkillBuilder™ Lab lessons built right in. Available online, on multiple devices and in English and Spanish.

Injection Molding Machine Maintenance
This 2 lesson, 3-4 hour interactive training course teaches hands-on maintenance procedures that provide increased reliability and uptime for your molding machines. The importance of establishing a regular maintenance schedule, including tools and techniques is reinforced. All machine systems, hydraulic, electrical and mechanical, are covered in this course. Also highlighted is the importance of safety in the workplace and performing on-going safety system checks.

Understanding Materials For Profitable Molding
This series of interactive CD training lessons teaches personnel how to expertly process various materials used in injection molding. Each lesson describes the properties and molding characteristics of the material and explores ways to improve your molding process for that material. Lesson topics include the material’s characteristics, recommended processing windows, start-up & shutdown tips, and how to solve typical molding problems encountered with the material.

Hot Runner Molding Solutions
This 5 lesson program introduces the types of hot runners systems in use today. It shows and explains plastic flow through the hot runner system and teaches effective start-up, operating and troubleshooting procedures when molding with a hot runner system. Developed in conjunction with leading manufacturers of hot runner systems, this interactive training course takes the employee inside the hot runner system using HD 3D animation to examine the many hot runner components. These include the manifold, nozzle and gate. Important start-up and steady-state operating techniques specifically for the hot runner system are demonstrated. This includes ways to optimize the production run and how to safely work at a molding machine equipped with a hot runner system.