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Tooling: Compound Lowers Friction and Torque Between Metal Components

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Slide Products’ Aluminum Anti-Seize Compound is said to be ideal for applications where non-similar metals are in contact.

Slide Products Inc.’s new Aluminum Anti-Seize Compound is reportedly formulated with more metallic and other solids than other compounds, making it heat stable up to 2000F (1093C). Slide says the added metallic solids grant the compound greater performance, higher levels of temperature stability and increased protection for mold components. As an example, Slide said that when applied to threads during assembly, the compound helps prevent thread galling and seizing. After extended periods of high loads and temperatures, the additional metallic and other solids remain on the threads to help prevent corrosion and make disassembly easier. Slide says the compound can also help technicians reuse damaged or threaded parts. The product is available in 2- and 8-oz brush top cans; free trial samples are available online at https://www.slideproducts.com/samples.