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As Seen In Plastics Technology

PE Film Market Snapshot 2020: Converter Film
Market pegged to grow 5.7% yearly through 2022. 

extruded plastic converter films

PE Market Snap Shot: Converter Film
End use demands could drive growth of more complex, highly layered structures.

blown film line

PE Film Market Snap-Shot: Fresh Produce, Self-Serve, and Wet-Pack Bags
Coextrusion is being used as a differentiator as processors that invest in new technology are more confident about their ability to gain market share.

PE Film Market Snapshot: Consumer Can Liners
Huge market projected to grow by 3.6%/yr through 2020. Environmental issues remain a challenge.

ExxonMobil Chemical Collation shrink packaging

PE Film Market Snap-Shot: Shrink Film
Roughly 797.3 million lb of PE was consumed making shrink film in 2017, and with growth of 1.7% forecast, consumption will hit 838.2 million lb 2020.

market outlook institutional can liners

PE Film Market Snap-Shot: Institutional Can Liners
Monolayer blown-film constructions account for more than 92% of institutional trash bags, but use of multi-layer coextrusion is growing to allow incorporation of recycled content. 

Mastio & Co., 2017 polyethylene film market study

PE Film Market Snap-Shot: Stretch Film
The six largest processors of stretch film accounted for more than 85% of capacity in 2017—product differentiation is essential for any newer, smaller players to enter the field.

PE Film Market Analysis: Cheese Packaging
Market is projected to grow by 4.4% over the next three years. Coextruded blown film structures dominate.

PE Market Film Analysis: Converter Film
Market projected to grow by 3.6% year through 2017.

PE Film Market Analysis: Consumer Can Liners
Huge market still dominated by single-layer structures, which could change as use of PCR grows.

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