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Wittmann Battenfeld To Expand Connecticut Facility

This space allows for the future growth for all three of its divisions: IMM, robots and automation and material handling and auxiliaries.


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Wittmann Battenfeld USA has purchased the adjacent building to its headquarters at One Technology Park Drive in Torrington, CT.  Construction will begin immediately with a plan to move in by February 2016.

The new building, “Plant II,” is a 50,000-square-foot facility that will be occupied entirely by Wittmann Battenfeld’s material handling and auxiliaries division, headed by Divisional Manager Michael Stark. Of the 50,000 square feet, 7,000 is dedicated to offices for sales, engineering,and service, while the remaining 43,000 will be used for production and warehouse space for the division and for occasions when “Plant 1” requires additional staged storage space.

“This expansion will help facilitate what has been rapid growth in our material handling and auxiliaries division,” Stark said. “With many new orders in place already and the prospect of more growth moving forward, and to add some dedicated manufacturing, assembly and repair lines, and for office staff plans, we need the space.”

Reasons for the expansion include an increased robots division production requirements, with upwards of 500 robots/year produced from just this plant, the company must add more painting, welding and machining centers; increased material handling and auxiliaries production requirements and increased space for the company’s injection molding division to house additional operating workcells for both demonstration and customer run-offs.

“The beauty is this property acquisition is right beside us, already built, so we can build a roadway and still have a common on site campus now for us and visitors.” said Wittmann Battenfeld President – USA David Preusse. “This space allows for our future growth for all three of our divisions.”

As an offshoot of the expansion, Wittmann Battenfeld’s current headquarters building, which was recently expanded to 90,000 square feet in 2014, will be getting its own renovations. New machinery and equipment will be added and the company will incorporate some new steady production flow processes to better streamline operations, which will help shorten lead times and keep up with increased demand. 

“We are excited about our continued growth, by expanding to the new building next door, we will have an impressive campus in Torrington with almost 150,000 square feet of office and manufacturing space,”said Sonny Morneault, vice president of sales for Wittmann Battenfeld. “We are thankful to our customers and our dedicated employees and agents, who are second to none and continue to drive this growth.”