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2/24/2016 | 1 MINUTE READ

Calculate Your Shot Size and More, Live

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At least once a week, I get a request for the shot-size calculation spreadsheet included in this article by Plastics Technology columnist, John Bozzelli.


Calculate Shot Size Vs. Barrel Capacity


In journalism speak, this article would be what’s considered “evergreen content”; that is content that doesn’t have a published shelf life but instead has ongoing relevance to a readership. Published in October 2011 and approaching five years on Plastics Technology’s shelf, the article definitely remains relevant.


Next week in Wood Dale, Ill. you can hear from Mr. Bozzelli in person. From March 1-3, John will be hosting a press-side training seminar, Process Development for Medical Validations. In addition to the basics of calculating a shot size given a certain barrel size, John will answer questions and cover topics, including:


Why do parts vary after you have done all the validation work?

Do you get good data and value from your DOE’s or are they simply done for the sake of doing them?

Are you getting your money’s worth for the time and metrology work?

The role process development has in validations.

How to separate “Machine Variables” vs. “Plastic variables”.

Understanding normal process variances and how to deal with them.

Sensing process changes, as they occur, not after two hours of wasted production.

Getting the Validation, Quality, Processing and Management teams on the same page.


Register today and get your evergreen content in person.


Photo courtesy Purgex Purging Compounds.