Ineos Styrolution Develops Mechanically Recycled Polystyrene

Available for a broad range of applications including food contact.


Danimer Scientific Boosts Capacity of Nodax PHA Bioplastic

Optimized processes and equipment will enable output of 20 million lbs of finished product annually to meet global demand for biodegradable polyhydroxyalkanoate (PHA).

Recycled Materials

Usage of Eastman Tritan Renew Material Continues to Grow

Tritan Renew is made through Eastman's Advanced Circular Recycling technologies.


More than 100 Companies Support EPR for Packaging

A group of businesses and stakeholders that are drawn from across the packaging value chain are calling for the implementation of Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) schemes for packaging.

Post-Consumer Recycling

AI Being Used to Sort Plastics Automatically

The technology from Metaspectral is slated for completion by the end of 2021.

Recycled Materials

Incipio Group to Use Eastman Tritan Renew for Select Product Lines

The products will incorporate Tritan Renew with 50% certified recycled content.


NatureWorks Reaches Key Milestones for Global Manufacturing Expansion

Completion of front-end engineering and recent project approval from the Thailand Board of Investment put the new Ingeo biopolymer manufacturing complex on schedule to open in 2024


U.S. Department of Energy Plans to Provide $14.5 Million to Advance Recycling

Through this funding opportunity, DOE will support a range of projects to develop economically viable solutions for converting plastic films to more valuable materials and design new plastics that are more recyclable and biodegradable.

Injection Molding

Molding, Extrusion, Recycling, Moldmaking: It’s All Here

‘Here’ is Rosemont, Ill., Sept. 21-23, when molding and extrusion conferences co-locate with the Amerimold trade show under one roof.


How to Optimize Color Evaluation of Recycled Plastics

The right color measurement instrument and good working methods will minimize variability in color evaluation of PCR.


ProAmpac’s Philosophy: Think Big, Act Small

While growing into a major force in flexible packaging—fueled by acquisition and new product development— this fully integrated film processor and converter has held onto the core values of a fast, feisty and customer-hungry smaller outfit.

Additive Manufacturing

Cincinnati BAAM Technology Demonstrates 3D Printing with Recycled Materials

The demonstration successfully proved that large-scale multi-material printing can be done effectively and economically with recycled composite materials.

Engineering Resins

Mechanically Recycled ABS/PC and Chemically Recycled ABS Produced and Validated

The first volumes of Elix Polymers’ new E-Loop brand of ABS/PC and ABS with recycled content constitute the company’s circular economy activities.

Additive Manufacturing

UBQ Materials and Plastics App Partner to Produce Sustainable 3D Printing Filaments

Through this partnership, Plastics App has compounded its post-consumer recycled (PCR) 3D filament with the thermoplastic (UBQ) to offset emissions across manufacturing.

Additive Manufacturing

Compostable Coffee Pod Maker Uses 3D Printing for Prototypes

The company says 3D printing has helped it to save time and cut back on waste and emissions by prototyping 100% in house. 


Biopolymer Compounding Done Right

Biodegradable polymers like PHA are set to slowly take over many areas of plastic production, but the material properties mean that special attention must be paid to the screw configuration and ventilation when compounding.


NatureWorks and IMA in Strategic Partnership for the Compostable Coffee Pods Market

  The partnership is aimed at accelerating the availability of a turn-key solution for K-Cup compatible compostable coffee pods in North America.

Heating & Cooling

Roctool Deployed by Rosti for a More Durable, Paint-Free Enclosure

Rosti turned to Roctool’s induction mold-heating technology to consolidate components in the enclosure and extend its service life.


Blue Toners & Colorants for Enhanced Recyclability of PET Packaging

Avient’s new ColorMatrix Optica blue toners and colorants formulated for addition to virgin and recycled PET for injection and extrusion processes.  


Bausano to Host Online Demonstration of New Extrusion System

Powered by Bausano’s multidrive transmission system, MD Nextmover extrusion line sets new standards for efficiency, reliability, durability, and sustainability, the builder says.  


Plastic Bank, SC Johnson Partnership Keeping Bottles from Oceans

Partnership has diverted more than 500 million bottles from oceans.

Post-Industrial Recycling

Beside-the-Press Granulators Target Closed-Loop Recycling of Sprues, Runners

Wittmann Battenfeld’s G-Max replaces a gear box and a gear motor with a self-pre-tensioning belt for quieter operation and less maintenance.

Recycled Materials

Eastman’s First Sustainability-Based Agreement with a Major Prestige Beauty House Involves its Chemically Recycled Renew PET Copolymer Portfolio

Eastman’s agreement with The Estée Lauder Companies expected to help drive greater use of recycled or recyclable plastics in luxury cosmetics packaging.


Pilot Plant to Produce Multipurpose Bioplastic from Soy Residue

Four Finnish companies in collaboration to develop the first process to produce compostable bioplastic from food and feed production side streams.

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