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Tooling: First Mold Cleaner with Only EPA-Exempt VOCs

Slide Products spray-on mold cleaner meets or surpasses EPA and California CARB standards.


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A new mold cleaner from Slide Products will make it easier for plastics processors to comply with air-quality regulations in the workplace. Called X-Empt, it’s said to be “the first mold cleaner on the market that contains only EPA-exempt VOC compounds.” According to the company, “X-Empt also surpasses California’s CARB standards and, like all of our products, has no chlorinated solvents.”

It’s designed to clean molds at temperatures from 32 F to 200 F (0 to 149 C). Spray it on, and it removes sticky, waxy, oily buildups before quickly evaporating, with no wiping needed. It reportedly leaves no residue. As a result, molds can be cleaned in minutes. The product comes in 16-oz aerosol cans and containers of 1, 5 and 55 gal.