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A Message from Emerson

Emerson leads the global assembly technology market by offering the Branson brand of state-of-the-art plastic joining including; ultrasonic, laser, thermal, spin welding and precision cleaning technologies.

The breadth of the Branson brand allows for a process-neutral approach to application development that insures customers receive the best solution for product specifications, regulatory and budgetary needs while providing competitive advantages in product design, development and robust manufacturing solutions for benchtop / automated processes.   

As Seen In Plastics Technology

Welding: Ultrasonic Welders for Critical Small Plastic Part Assembly
Emerson’s Branson GSX Platform boasts precise control for faster, repeatable, high-quality welding of intricate components. 

NPE2018 New Technology Focus: Sealing the Deal
New assembly technologies range from upgraded ultrasonic welders to a system that boasts a revolution in the design and manufacturing of threaded products.

Emerson Branson GLX-2 Laser Welder

Laser Welder Debuts in North America
Emerson is showing the Branson GLX-2 Laser Welder Platform for the first time in the Americas, in addition to 20 other technology displays.

Conair Carousel dessicant-wheel dryer

Auxiliaries at NPE2018: Packing More Functions in Less Space
Auxiliary equipment suppliers are building more and more technology into their products, packing more physical and virtual functions into the same or smaller footprints.

30% glass filled nylon coolant manifold

What Is the Right Plastics Joining Process for You: Part 3—Coolant Manifold Case Study
What is the most appropriate plastics joining solution for a 30% glass-filled nylon coolant manifold?

What Is the Right Plastics Joining Process for You: Part 2—Available Technologies
The four primary joining technologies—vibration, clean vibration, infrared, hot-gas/convection—offer different benefits and challenges for different applications.

What Is the Right Plastics Joining Process for You? Part 1
Changing demands, advancing technology and a process-neutral approach to plastics joining for under-the-hood automotive parts.

ultrasonic welding horn

How to Solve Common Ultrasonic Welding Problems
Understand and address the likely origins of welding problems to keep production on track.

WELDING: Laser Welder for Large-Format Parts
Branson's GLX-3 aimed at large-format plastic parts with more complex geometries for broad range of applications.

WELDING: Clear-on-Clear Welding for Medical Devices and More
Branson's new laser welder boasts clear, clean, precise hermetic seal welds.

WELDING: Vibration Welder with Larger-Part Capacity in Smaller Footprint
Branson’s newest welder promises long-term production versatility.

WELDING: Small, Flexible Power Supply for Ultrasonic Welders
Branson's new ultrasonic welding power supply offers complete and precise amplitude control throughout the weld cycle.

Auxiliaries AT NPE: New Controls Link Auxiliaries
Industry 4.0—the internet of things—is bringing a new level of connectivity to auxiliary equipment. Here’s a rundown of developments there, along with other news in auxiliaries from the show.

WELDING: Ultrasonic Welders For Low-Power Applications
The latest series of Branson ultrasonic welders are targeted to low-power applications.

How to Select a Plastics Assembly Process
To make the proper choice, each application must be considered on its own. Each has its own particular characteristics and requirements.

Auxiliaries at NPE: News in Materials Handling, Cooling, Granulating, Welding, Testing, Decorating
Auxiliary equipment takes in a broad range of functions, from materials preparation to post-mold finishing.

Auxiliaries at NPE: New Solutions from Material Preparation To Post-Mold Operations
There will be an extraordinary range of new auxiliary equipment on display at the show.

Ultrasonic welding power supplies from Branson Ultrasonics.

'Global' Ultrasonic Power Supplies Boast 'World First' Innovations
Branson Ultrasonics Corp., Danbury, Conn., has just introduced its first “global” series of ultrasonic welding power supplies for automated assembly systems, which are said to incorporate several “first-in-the-world” capabilities.

The industry’s first all-electric vibration welder

New Welding Technologies Grabbed Spotlight at K Show
Greater use of electric servo drives and new hybrid systems incorporating multiple joining methods were recurring themes among the latest plastics welding and assembly equipment introduced at the recent K 2007 show in Dusseldorf.

Series 40 Rotary Ultrasonic Welding System
Rotary systems enable simple automation for increased production and efficiency.

Laser IRAM Welding Systems, IRAM Assembly
Laser IRAM Welding and Assembly Systems from Branson (A Divison of Emerson Industrial Automation.

Product Categories of Emerson

Assembly Systems
Automation/Systems Integration
Cleaning Systems for Hardware
Cleaning Systems for Plastics Parts
Degating Equipment
Heat Sealing/Welding
Laser Welding
Lasers (for Cutting, Machining, Welding)
Linear Friction Welding
Mold-cleaning and Maintenance Chemicals
Solvent Recovery Systems
SPC, SQC Systems
Spin Welding
Staking, Inserting Equipment
Ultrasonic Cutters
Ultrasonic Welding

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