‘It’s All in the Mold’ or ‘It’s All in the Process’?

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Flowmeter Adds Protective Cover

Burger & Brown Engineering says the TracerVM DuraGuard corrosion-resistant stainless steel cover adds rigidity and an extra layer of protection for TracerVM flow and temperature sensors.

Chiller Line Adds Process Monitoring Software

Delta T Systems says the DTS Smart Connect chiller monitoring option allows remote management and servicing for its full line of chillers.

Temperature Control Units Updated

Included in the new Thermalotor TCUs from Conair are the first units available with the company’s new “common control”—a company wide initiative to standardize HMIs.

Flow Controller Series Updated

A new control valve for more precise management of the flow rate is one update to the flow controller line Wittmann Battenfeld started its business with more than 40 years and 500,000 units ago.

Roctool Deployed by Rosti for a More Durable, Paint-Free Enclosure

Rosti turned to Roctool’s induction mold-heating technology to consolidate components in the enclosure and extend its service life.

SimpaTec Opens U.S. Office, Partners With Mold Temperature Control Supplier

The German headquartered provider of 3D CAE software for optimizing part design and injection molding processes has opened an office in Charlotte, N.C. and partnered with Contura MTC.

Self-Contained Portable Air-Cooled Chiller Line Launched

Frigel’s MRS line marks the company’s first foray into air-cooled portable chillers.

Thermal Care Water-Cooled Chillers Achieve Global Performance Certification

The Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI) has certified Thermal Care’s Accuchiller line of water-cooled portable, packaged and central chillers.

New Packaged Chiller Line

Conair’s new ECO air-cooled chillers provide processors wide ambient operating conditions and a broad operating setpoint range.

Complete Chiller Line Now Offers Variable Frequency Drives

Delta T Systems announced that its entire chiller product line can now be equipped with variable frequency drives (VFDs) to control the pump motor.

ACS Group Names New Northeast Regional Sales Manager

Auxiliary equipment supplier ACS Group has hired Jason Spangler as its new northeast regional sales manager.

Hoses Handle a Range of Temperatures

Thermal protection hoses can be used at temperatures from -40 to 220 C.

Outdoor Chiller Has Wide Range of Operating Conditions

Energy saving variable speed EC fans allow the chiller to withstand ambient conditions from ‐20 F to 125 F

Internal Air Cooling Systems Speed Blow Molding

Chilled compressed air cools parts from the inside while the mold cools them on the outside.

Burger & Brown Engineering Announces Promotion

Most recently serving as vice president, Corey Brown will become president of the precision machining, engineering design and custom injection molding company starting Jan. 1, 2021.

Temperature Control Unit Offers Compact design

Delta T Systems’ Eco family of temperature control units (TCU) has been extended to include the Compact model.

Process Cooling Chiller Range Launches in U.S.

Swedish firm Atlas Copco is introducing the TCX 4-90A Process Cooling Chiller range in the U.S. with a variety of sizes.

Process Heating/Cooling: Directly Cooled Pressurized Temperature Control Unit

New single- and dual-circuit directly cooled models were added to a recently launched pressurized temperature control unit (TCU) line.

Process Heating/Cooling: Compact Digital Water Distributor Mounts Close to the Mold

Reduced distance from the tool for Wittmann Battenfeld’s new WFC 120 digital water distributor means reduced pressure loss for the heating/cooling system.

Time Still to Register For PT Tech Days

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Process Cooling: Portable Chillers Add PLC Control, Color Touch Screen

Conair says a PLC control and a 7-inch, color touch screen are now standard on its EP2 Series of portable chillers.