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9/11/2015 | 1 MINUTE READ

Impact of New Forces on the Global Plastics Industry: GPS2015

Originally titled 'Impact of New Forces on the Global Plastics Industry: A focus of GPS2015'
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Both new threats and opportunities for end markets such as packaging and automotive to be addressed at SPI/IHS Global Plastics Summit.

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The third Global Plastics Summit (GPS2015), jointly presented by IHS Chemical and SPI, is taking place October 28-30 in Chicago. I’m looking forward to attending and reporting on this year’s event, which will focus on the impact of new forces affecting the global plastics industry.


Expert analysts, economists, and business executives will discuss  both the threats and opportunities created by these forces for the many end markets supplied, including packaging, automotive, construction, electronics, and medical.


IHS experts have been identifying disruptive forces to the global plastics industry that keep people up at night and have set the groundwork for a roadmap to navigate them. They point out that in the year since the last GPS, there are now even more to contend with, thanks to plunging oil prices. They will address such questions as: who benefits and who fall short from this downward trend? What is the impact on inter-material competition in the plastics industry?


Says Dave Witte, senior v.p. of IHS and general manager of IHS Chemical, “The resulting global volatility in the industry presents both significant risks and opportunities, and the GPS2015 agenda is focused on providing business executives with unique insights and information they need to manage risks and capitalize on business opportunities.


SPI president and CEO William Carteaux notes that there are a number of issues facing the industry, all of which trickle down to affect the countless end markets to which plastic materials and products are vital. “With GPS2015, the agenda is specifically tailored to give plastics executives the tools they need to navigate the new challenges gripping the global market, while giving them the insights and proven strategies they need in order to expand, invest and innovate into new markets and better meet the needs of brand owner customers and consumers around the world.”


During the three-day summit and industry training workshops, attendees can expect to discover:


• The latest developments in manufacturing technology.


• Material insights for capacity and pricing trends.


• Forecasts for end and emerging markets.


• Proven Sales and marketing strategies.


• Networking opportunities with key players at every stage of the supply chain.