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Published: 11/15/2019

Henkel, BASF Collaborate on Chemical Recycling
Henkel is evaluating further opportunities for integrating chemically recycled plastic in its product packaging.

Published: 11/13/2019

Lower Prices for Five Volume Commodity Resins
Global demand slowdown and in some cases oversupply are ending the year with a buyers’ market. 

Published: 11/11/2019

America's Big Beverage Companies Announce New Recycling Initiative
Through the Every Bottle Back initiative, beverage companies are stepping up efforts to reclaim as much plastic packaging as possible to ensure it is remade into new PET bottles.

Published: 11/7/2019

How Do You Evaluate, Research and Decide On Purchases for Your Business?
Survey seeks to determine how media and marketing inform the industrial buying process; add your voice. 

Published: 10/30/2019

Borealis Aims to Start Producing Renewable PP by Year's End
Strategic co-operation allows Borealis to use Neste’s 100% renewable propane.

Published: 10/28/2019

Texas A&M & Teysha Technologies Team Up to Advance Research into Sustainable Polycarbonate
The ‘plug-and-play’ technology utilizes bio-sourced feedstocks.

Published: 10/23/2019

K 2019 Slideshow: New Resins, New Applications in Materials
Ascend, Borealis, Borouge, Braskem, Dow, ExxonMobil, Nova, SABIC, and Solvay came to Düsseldorf with new applications, including pouches, shrink film, cable ties, flip tops, all-plastic bikes, as well as new materials.

Published: 10/10/2019

Novolex Launches New Sustainable Innovations in Foodservice Packaging
Novolex launches a new cutlery dispensing system and compostable cutlery. The company is also focused on adding recycled content to every day products.  

Published: 10/9/2019

Dow to Launch "Award-Winning" Optical Finishes for All-PE High-Gloss Packaging at K 2019
The new Opolux HGT enables redesigning packaging for recyclability while featuring remarkable heat resistance and exceptional appearance.

Published: 10/4/2019

Downward Pricing Pressure for Commodity Resins this Quarter
Slowed demand, sufficient supplies, lower global prices could serve to push down prices of most commodity resins.