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With more than ten years of experience in the glass-like exterior parts automotive arena along with combining its film and glazing technologies, Covestro has devised a study for the development of an innovative front module that appears to address many requirements of the automotive industry.

The concept will be simultaneously presented by the company at the Fakuma trade fair in Friedrichshafen and the International Suppliers Fair (IZB) for the automotive industry in Wolfsburg.

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Luxembourg’s UNITED CAPS, an international manufacturer of caps and closures has collaborated with Braskem (U.S. office in Philadelphia) to bring to market ‘greener’ bio-sourced plastic caps and closure made from sugarcane as an addition to the UNITED CAPS product portfolio.

The company will initially use Braskem’s ‘I’m Green’ HDPE to produce two standard closures: The Victoria closure—a 30.25 screw closure designed for still drinks; and Proflatseal, said to be ideal for dairy products and still drinks—both pressurized and non-pressurized.

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A unique 3D-printed shock absorber will make its debut at the Fakuma 2018 trade fair (October 16-20) Friedrichshafen. For several years,Covestro (U.S. office in Pittsburgh) has been developing customized polymer materials for all common additive manufacturing processes. The diverse properties of these filaments, powders and liquid raw materials make them suitable for many applications in various industries.

At the upcoming trade show, Covestro will present a complex demonstrator for a shock absorber (Stand 4206, Hall B4)

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By: Heather Caliendo 19. September 2018

Phoenix Technologies Determines 50% rPET As Target Bottle Goal

Many big brands have committed to 100% reusable, recyclable or compostable packaging by 2025 or earlier. But there are questions that come with those pledges: how will those efforts be impacted by material availability, and what will the impact of higher recycling content levels be on future lifecycles?

Phoenix Technologies International, a global producer of recycled rPET manufacturing, believes that 50% rPET is the ideal recycled bottle content to help meet sustainability objectives and avoid compromising the recycling stream for future lifecycles.

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Over the last several years, we have reported on Braskem’s Green PE and also the company’s capability to produce Green PP, though commercial production has yet to surface. Interestingly, a collaboration started in 2016 by Finland’s Neste and the Netherlands’ IKEA, may result in the first commercial PP and PE, based on 20% renewable content.

The production of these bio-based plastics, slated for startup in a pilot plant this fall, will be based on Neste’s 100% renewable hydrocarbons. The collaboration led to Neste’s ability to turn waste and residue raw materials, such as cooking oil as well as sustainable vegetable oils into PP and PE.

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