Gearing Up for the Old Normal

By: Jim Callari

With 2020 in a rear-view mirror, likely adorned with a face mask, it’s time to reflect on what we’ve learned and what’s in store.

End Markets

Custom Molder Enhances Disinfection Equipment With Novel Nozzle Design

By: Lilli Manolis Sherman

Responding to the coronavirus pandemic, Protolabs' innovative nozzle protector successfully augments Foam-iT's flagship fog-mist disinfectant units.


Antiviral Additive Reportedly Kills Coronavirus on Plastics in Auto Interiors

By: Lilli Manolis Sherman

In response to COVID-19, automotive Tier 1 molder and compounder CpK has developed an antiviral additive for auto interiors and other applications. 


Tracing the History of Polymeric Materials--Part 2

By: Michael Sepe

The invention of Celluloid got the ball rolling for future innovations in materials and processing.


Real-Time NIR Testing Can Slash QC Costs Up to 90%

By: Lilli Manolis Sherman

Using the right near-infrared (NIR) measurement devices for the job is key—whether for moisture, composition analysis, or full-spectrum testing.  

Know How

General-Purpose Screws on the Comeback?

By: Jim Frankland

They are being specified more often for recycling applications to increase flexibility. But there is still no such thing as a GP screw and recyclers need to consider other processing approaches.
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Injection Molding

Plastic Material: A Molder’s Perspective

By: Garrett MacKenzie

Every material has its own unique set of physical attributes, and we must use the appropriate information and procedures to assure that our processes are sound and repeatable.

November 2020’s Most-Viewed Articles

These articles garnered the most reader attention among stories posted in November 2020 by Plastics Technology: implementing automation, gauging residence time, the history of polymers and more.

Injection Know How

The Importance of Gauging Residence-Time Distribution—Part 2

By: Suhas Kulkarni

Each molecule in the molded product can have a different residence time. This variance is reflected in the Residence-Time Distribution, which you can learn how to determine below.  

Know How

Get Better at Quoting Injection Molded Parts: Part 1

By: Jim Fattori

Follow these detailed tips to get you the jobs you want. This installment focuses on the various raw material aspects of quoting.


How to Automate High-Precision ‘Micro’ Insert Molding

By: Joe Varone, Wittmann Battenfeld Inc.

What does it take to automate a horizontal injection molding cell to handle micro-sized inserts and molded parts? General-purpose top-entry robots and tooling may not be up to the job.


Troubleshooting Pressure Fluctuations in Piston-Type Melt Filters

By: By Oliver Brandt, Nordson Corp.

Piston filtration offers many advantages over other systems. While pressure fluctuations could be regarded as their weakness, there are many ways to avoid them, both from the mechanical and the process side. Small adjustment can make a huge difference in the overall performance and efficiency of the system.
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