How to Select the Right Cooling Stack for Sheet

By: Jim Frankland

First, remember there is no universal cooling-roll stack. And be sure to take into account the specific heat of the polymer you are processing.  

Injection Molding

Total Transparency at Trademark Plastics

By: Tony Deligio

Trademark Plastics’ latest investment won’t let it see the future, but by giving it vision inside parts, the new CT scanner represents a more transparent tomorrow for its validation work.

Tooling Know How

What You Need to Know About Blade Ejectors: Part 1

By: Jim Fattori

Follow these guidelines to prevent premature wear, flash and galling.

Injection Molding

The Difference Between Knit and Meld Lines--and Why It Matters

By: Jeremy Williams, consultant/trainer, RJG

In many part designs, flow fronts will inevitably be split, but how and where they come back together is hugely important to the molded part’s finished strength.

Commodity Resins

Commodity Resin Prices Rise, But PP Falls

By: Lilli Manolis Sherman

  Supply constraints continue to be a key factor in further resin price increases.
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Solve Five Common Problems in Blown Film Coextrusion

By: By Tomislav Ivancic and Dr. Karen Xiao, Macro Engineering and Technology Inc.

The blown film industry has evolved from monolayer film structures to multilayer ones for a variety of food and non-food packaging applications. Here are typical problems with these structures and tips on how to solve them.

Index Reaches All-Time High … Again

By: Michael Guckes

Index hits record mark for second straight month, with quickening expansion in new orders, backlogs and production.


Tracing the History of Polymeric Materials: Part 7

By: Michael Sepe

How—and when—cellulose-based chemistry led to the discovery of cellophane.  

Your Factory May Be Smarter, But Is It Less Secure?

By: Tony Deligio

A smart factory is a connected one but the same advances that allow you to check in on production remotely could allow others to tie into your plant.

Digital Demos

Gain More Control From Your Process

PSI Polymer discusses polymer gear pumps and why they’ve become necessary in extrusion.


Chinaplas 2021 Kicks Off In Person

Postponed, rescheduled and ultimately cancelled in 2020, Chinaplas has returned this week with an in-person event featuring 3600 exhibitors in Shenzhen.

Injection Molding

Injection Moldable Glass Developed

Glassomer silica nanocomposite can be molded at 130 C with a secondary heat treatment resulting in pure quartz glass molded parts.


Weak Links in the Supply Chain

By: Tony Deligio

From pandemic shutdowns to blocked shipping canals, overseas sourcing headaches are forcing many OEMs to rethink far-flung supply chains, particularly when it comes to tooling.


Registration Now Open for Amerimold, Moldmaking and Extrusion 2021

By: Tony Deligio

The collocated in-person events will take place at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont, Ill., Sept. 21-23.

Technology Never Sleeps

By: Jim Callari

Plastics Technology and MoldMaking Technology team up on a special print-and-digital May supplement that focuses on new products and technology drivers and trends to help keep you ahead of the competition.


Novel Metal 3D-Printing Technology Optimized for Plastic Tooling

By: Matthew Naitove

A new company called Mantle offers 3D printing equipment and materials that boast unique suitability for producing injection mold components, overcoming limitations of other printing methods.