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By: Garrett MacKenzie 12. February 2018

Molding with Nylon: Tips & Tricks

One of the trickiest materials to mold with is nylon. The material itself has great molded-in properties, such as strength and, when used properly, visual aesthetics. Using the material itself, however can sometimes require a strong processing approach to prevent variations and defects. Nylon processing does not have to be frustrating, and by applying some basic molding rules, you can prevent processing headaches.

This article will address some common problems that occur in nylon molding. It will identify many of the normal molding conditions that are common with this material, as well as provide some insight into processing approaches that can help to reduce, and even eliminate scrap events.

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Meanwhile higher prices are in the offing for PE, PS, PVC and PET for the February/March time frame—and, beyond in some cases.  Factors behind the upward movement include higher crude oil prices and exports demand, planned and unplanned polymer and feedstock outages, and expected strong demand going into second quarter. This, according to purchasing consultants from Resin Technology, Inc. (RTi), Fort Worth, Texas; Houston-based PetroChemWire (PCW), and Michael Greenberg, CEO of The Plastics Exchange in Chicago. Here’s a brief summary on each resin according to these industry sources:

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We’ve reported on stretch film, t-shirt bags and institutional can liners in previous installments of this blog series, which provides snap shots of the results of 2017 research conducted by market-research firm Mastio & Co., St. Joseph, Mo. on the PE film industry. Here, we recap Mastio’s research on shrink film.

Shrink film derives its name from the ability to shrink or draw down once reheated near the melting point. Shrink films are utilized in a great number of applications including the unitizing of consumer products. Some consumer products typically unitized include the following: multi-packs of hand soap, detergents, beverages (in metal, glass, and plastic containers), and health and beauty aids.

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In a nearly immediate response to the president’s State of the Union address, a statement was issued by president and CEO William R. Carteaux of the Plastics Industry Association (PLASTICS). More specifically, Carteaux’s statement pertains to the role plastic materials and recycling ought to play in the administration’s infrastructure push.

“Plastic materials and products should be allowed to compete on a level playing field for the improvement projects that will eventually form the president’s infrastructure plan. Plastic materials can perform as well, or better, than more traditional materials, and often at a fraction of the cost to the American taxpayer.”

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If you’re visiting the Plastec West show in Anaheim, Calif., Feb. 6-8 (co-located with MD&M West and other concurrent exhibitions), you can preview the upcoming R16 version of Moldex3D molding simulation from Moldex3D Northern America, Farmington Hills, Mich. (booth 4033). The full release will arrive in early March.

Here are some highlights of the new release that you can see demonstrated at the show:

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