New Bottle Lightweighting Technology Saves Resin and Cost

By: Matthew Naitove

Graham Packaging has developed a method of selectively reinforcing a bottle wall perpendicular to conventional parison programming.


Connected Compounder

By: Jim Callari

Fast-growing Alterra strives for “best-in-class” manufacturing operations driven by a custom-made Industry 4.0 platform.


Designing Recycled Content: How Processors Fit In

By: Heather Caliendo

Brand owners, material suppliers and processors weigt in on the challenges and opportunities of designing applications with recycled content.  


Turn on the Juice: The Benefits of Mold Electrification for Molders

By: Matthew Cummings, Husky Injection Molding Systems

Electrifying the mold reduces the chances of bad parts, supports a clean molding environment and increases control of the process with real-time feedback. Here’s help to determine whether it’s right for you.  


The Experts Speak: Seven Cost-Saving Purging Tips for Compounding Twins

By: Tom Hanvey, Asahi Kasei Asaclean Americas

Purging gurus from the material, machinery and compounding sides of the industry offer their insights on best practices and tips that can keep your compounding twin-screw extruder up and running.

Resin Conveying

Molder Eliminates Line Blowouts with Deflection Elbow

By: Jim Callari

Parker Chomerics eliminated chronic elbow failures since switching to Hammertek conveying elbow more than two-and-a-half years ago.
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Know How

Tracing the History of Polymeric Materials: Part 6

By: Michael Sepe

How the ‘Big 4’ commodity materials came to be.

Injection Molding

Consider the Cushion When Seeking Shot-to-Shot Consistency

By: Suhas Kulkarni

Creating and maintaining a consistent cushion is a key step in achieving shot-to-shot consistency. Learn what cushion is and how it affects part quality.


Put Science into Glass-Fiber Compounding on Single Screws

By: Jim Frankland

There are still companies that compound glass fibers on single screws. The process is considered an “art,” but can be made more predictable with attention to screw design, speed and length, as well the choice of mixer.

Injection Molding

Get Better at Quoting Injection Molded Parts: Part 4 of 4

By: Jim Fattori

This fourth and final installment focuses on labor, packaging, secondary operations and various assorted details.

Processors Record All-Time High Activity Levels

By: Michael Guckes

Survey data reveals quickening expansion among both captive and custom operations.

End Markets

Growing Through the Pandemic

By: Tony Deligio

Westec Plastics is just one example of an injection molder that actually expanded in 2020 despite the business and logistical challenges of the pandemic.

New Technology Adoption as a Business Strategy

By: Tony Deligio

As a company, is your adoption of new technology passive and by accident or strategic and planned?
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How the Coronavirus Transformed Training

By: Don Smith, Scholle IPN

A pandemic accelerated the necessary change in how we train current and future generations of mold-manufacturing professionals.

Injection Molding

ERP Platform Keeps Molders Connected in the Pandemic

By: Tony Deligio

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software offers its users many tools and modules with manufacturing and plastics specific platforms like DELMIAworks touching everything from inventory and quality to bookkeeping and process and machine monitoring. 


Profile Processor Expands Mexico Plant

Michigan-based processor adds space in Juarex, with plans to increase extrusion capacity and hire people.