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Dealing for the first time ever with a waiting list and forced to move into new portions of the Orange County Convention Center to accommodate exhibitor demand, NPE2018 officially opened bigger than ever in Orlando. 

Bill Carteaux, president and CEO of show organizer, the Plastics Industry Association (PLASTICS), broke down the show numbers for assembled members of the plastics trade press in a pre-show press breakfast. 

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By: Heather Caliendo 7. May 2018

Researchers at CSU Discover A New Recyclable Polymer

Colorado State University chemists have announced in the journal Science the discovery of a new ‘infinitely’ recyclable polymer, according to a release from the university. Led by Eugene Chen, professor in the department of chemistry, this new polymer can be converted back to its original small-molecule state for complete chemical recyclability. The researchers say that this can be accomplished without the use of toxic chemicals or intensive lab procedures.

The work builds on a previous generation of a chemically recyclable polymer Chen’s lab first demonstrated in 2015. Making the old version required extremely cold conditions that would have limited its industrial potential. The previous polymer also had low heat resistance and molecular weight, and, while plastic-like, was relatively soft.

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By: Dave Necessary 4. May 2018

The Final Countdown

This final Plastics Technology (PT) NPE campaign promotional post starts off much like its predecessors – with a headline that likely reminds you of something specific. The first post was lyrical, the second was dialogue, the third was more dialogue, the final (hopefully) is song title. Regardless of whether you made the connection from title to a Swedish rock band that named themselves after an entire continent, the headline serves two purposes.

First, we are entering the final countdown to NPE2018: The Plastics Show.

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By the end of April, one week away from NPE2018, it appeared that prices of four large volume commodity resins were on a flat-to-downward trajectory. Once again, the exception might still be PP, which after a double-digit dip, may move up a bit. This owing to a bit of a slide in propylene monomer but mostly due to suppliers’ intent to push through an expansion margin increase of 3-5 ¢/lb—a move initiated back in March. This according to purchasing consultants Resin Technology Inc. (RTi), PetroChemWire (PCW), and Michael Greenberg, CEO of the Plastics Exchange.

PE: Prices were flat in April, as suppliers unsuccessfully bid to implement their March 3¢/lb price hike, with at least one pushing it up to May 1—this as there was market talk of downward pricing last month. Mike Burns, RTi’s v.p. of client services for PE, for one, ventured that May PE prices would likely drop 2-4¢/lb.

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Pickup points and discharge methods sometimes require the most customization and attention in the system. Powders do not flow like pellets, and not all powders are the same. Some powders are cohesive but others tend to “bridge”, “rat-hole” or clump when discharged, impeding material flow from the hopper to the material receiver. As a result, it is critical that the discharge configuration match the material.

The pickup point can be configured with a wand for a simple “up-and-in” system, bag dump station, bulk bag unloader, and in some cases, silo or railcar, all dependent on the container holding the material at the beginning of the process.

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