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As Seen In Plastics Technology

Farrel Pomini Inducted into American Manufacturing Hall of Fame
One of four companies so honored in early October.

Farrel Pomini services

'Augmented Reality' Highlights Project Engineering Capabilities
Farrel Pomini highlights project engineering and service solutions, including a display that will feature its augmented reality capabilities.

Platy UltraCarb

Platy Mineral Filler Does a Better Job In HFFR Cable Sheathing
Greater flame and smoke suppression, lower heat release, and a more stable char—all at an economical price.

Farrel-Pomini self-aligning Viscoseal

Continuous Mixers Keep Learning New Tricks
Farrel Pomini explores new applications, new methods of shear control, and other enhancements to improve ease of use.

What’s in the Pipeline of New Compounding Machinery Developments at Farrel Pomini
Compounding biopolymers, automatic movement of rotor to seal line, adjustable mixing dam, a twin-screw pump for special applications and more.

Farrel Pomini Shows Off New HQ for Continuous Compounding
For the first time, all Farrel Pomini's U.S. continuous compounding business under one roof.

Farrel Pomini Debuts New HQ For Continuous Compounding
More than 50 visitors were given a tour of Farrel Pomini's new headquarters for continuous compounding systems in Ansonia, Conn.

alpine 11 layer film line

K 2016 Extrusion: Speed, Versatility Rule the Day at K
Shorter product runs mean frequent product changeovers for processors, and suppliers responded to these trends across all extrusion technologies.

Sandretto’s 3D Printer Highlights MilanPlast Show
A second injection press supplier throws its hat into the 3D ring. Meantime, several Italian suppliers’ growth plans target North America.

EXTRUSION AND COMPOUNDING NPE: Flexibility, Speed and Quality
Extrusion processors need more—of everything—to compete. And suppliers responded in force in Orlando.

As in speed, power, quality, flexibility, layers, and efficiency. Those are the trends across all extrusion processes.

Extrusion/Compounding at K 2013: Having It All
Extrusion processors no longer need to chose among speed, quality, and flexibility, based on exhibits at K 2013.

Extrusion & Compounding at NPE: More Output, More Flexibility, Less Energy
There won't be many blown-film lines running, but there is still much in the way of innovation going on in extrusion and compounding.

Westchester Plastics Adds Capacity
Significant expansion at its Wapakoneta, Ohio, plant.

New/Old Player in Compounding Machines
Two machine builders, each with more than 60 years’ experience in compounding, have united to furnish continuous mixing equipment.

High-speed extruder with a modified conventional AC motor

NPE 2009 Wrap-Up: New Machinery for Extrusion and Compounding
Extrusion machinery at the June NPE show in Chicago showed inventive ways to get more out of your floorspace and materials.

Steer’s H Class corotating twin-screw

NPE News in Compounding
Compounding news at the show includes several new ways to feed low-bulk-density materials faster for higher outputs with corotating twin screws.

Faster Mixing of High Filler Loads

Faster Mixing of High Filler Loads
A modified double-flighted feed section is being added to the mixing rotor to increase the feed rate on a workhorse masterbatch mixer from Farrel Corp., Ansonia, Conn.

Buss is introducing a new single-screw kneader for polyolefins

What's New at the Show in COMPOUNDING
Compounding machinery news at the K Show next month focuses on more torque, more output, and sometimes both, for kneaders, mixers, and twin-screw extruders.

Notches across the main or barrier flight

NPE 2006 News Wrap-Up: Compounding
Much of the compounding news at the NPE Show in Chicago in June ad-dressed the growing trend among extrusion processors to become compounders.

Product Categories of FARREL POMINI

Automation/Systems Integration
Closed-loop Process Control Systems
Intensive Fluxing (melting) Mixers
Machinery Rebuilding
Melt Pumps for Extrusion
Roll Mills
Single-screw Extruders

Trade Names

CP Series II(TM) Compact Processor
FCM(TM) Continuous Mixer
FMP(TM) Farrel Melt Pump