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As Seen In Plastics Technology

Auxiliary Equipment: Advanced Gravimetric Additive Masterbatch Feeder
Ampacet’s new Liad Smart ColorSave 1000 gravimetric feeder said to take dosing precision and cost savings to next level.

Materials: Purge and Shut-Down Masterbatches for Polyolefins
Ampacet’s new additions to its line of purge and shut-down concentrates are aimed at maintaining product quality and cutting costs, 

Additives: Dual-Action Additive Concentrate for PET & rPET
Ampacet’s Silky Bliss additive masterbatch line provides recyclability and an elegant silky look to rigid PET & rPET.

Additives: Additive and White Masterbatch Portfolio for BOPE Films
Ampacet’s Biox4ce additive masterbatches for biaxially-oriented polyethylene (BOPE) film applications support the circular economy.

Additives: Matte Masterbatches for High-Impact, Luxurious Finish PET Molded and Extruded Sheet Products
Ampacet’s Modern Mattes masterbatches for PET boast cost-effective and luxurious matte finish in one step. 

Henkel Launches Recyclable Black Detergent Bottles
Recycle-friendly black HDPE bottles are included in Henkel’s laundry detergent line with 25% PCR.

Ampacet Acquires Liad Weighing and Control Systems
Ampacet’s acquisition of Israeli company Liad marks its entry into the auxiliary equipment business. 

Additives: Metallic-Look Colorants for a Broad Range of Molded Products
Ampacet’s FauxFoil molded-in color masterbatches offer a total lower-cost option to metallization and coating processes. 

ampacet FusionFX

Random Color-Infused Masterbatch Boosts Demand For Molded Mini Discs
Zing Mini’s colorful new lineup allows mini-disc golfers to have unique discs.

Frost Effect Applied to First Plastic Water Bottle
Ampacet "frosted-look" special effects additive 'lands' on first-ever frosted water bottle.

Color Masterbatch Captures Look of Aluminum
WEB EXCLUSIVE A new color masterbatch is said to offer an upscale, trendy alternative to brushed aluminum.

PLA resin blends

Enhancing Biopolymers: Additives Are Needed for Toughness, Heat Resistance & Processability
Plastics are going “green,” but they will need some help to get there. Biodegradable polymers derived from renewable resources are attracting lots of interest and publicity, but that enthusiasm is counterbalanced by persistent questions of availability, cost, performance, and processability. All these issues are inter-related: Increasing demand will lead to more capacity, which will presumably lead to lower prices. But the foundation is market demand, which ultimately depends on whether biopolymers will have the performance properties and processability to compete with existing non-renewable plastics.

Q-Rack portable outdoor exposure rack system

Weather Testing For the Real World
Broader use of plastics in building products and a growing desire to minimize painting of automotive parts is increasing the need for reliable predictions of light stability and weathering performance.

Keep it tasty

Taste and Odor: Understand the Role of Colorants and Additives In Food and Beverage Packaging
Do you know how masterbatch ingredients, processing, storage, and handling can affect taste and odor in packaged products? Here’s an introduction to the numerous factors in organoleptic properties and how they are measured.

Marble–finely ground, surface-treated, and in concentrate form

More Filler, Less Resin: Bag Films Load Up to Cut Costs
Filler isn’t a bad word in T-shirt bags and can liners any more.

Ampacet Sells Plant to Alloy Polymers
Ampacet Corp., Tarrytown, N.Y., has sold its Crockett, Texas, compounding plant to custom compounder Alloy Polymers Inc., Richmond, Va.

Fig. 1

Slip Agents: Extended Performance Range for Polyolefin Films
Newer specialty slip masterbatches go beyond traditional capabilities to provide greater thermal stability, reliability, and ability to hold COF steady during laminating.

Ultra-Cell level sensor

Ultrasonic Level Sensor Takes Better Aim at Plastic Materials
Ultrasonic level sensors have had trouble accurately measuring plastic pellets within silos and bins, but new technology can provide more reliable readings and avoid unpleasant surprises.

NPE Newsfinder: Chemicals & Additives
Lots of new additive and color concentrates will be displayed at NPE 2000. There will also be new pigments, including some for laser marking. Several new processing aids and modifiers for thermoplastics and thermosets are slated to debut. Also look for new mold releases and a purging agent for optical disc resins. Interesting new fillers include a new electroconductive wollastonite and high-impact wollastonite grades for automotive applications.

Stretch Tio2
With prices going up and up, and supplies getting snugger, it's time to re-examine the available extender pigments that can make TiO2 go further.

Product Categories of Ampacet Corp.

Antiblocking Concentrates
Antifogging Agents
Antioxidant Concentrates
Antistat Concentrates
Blowing Agents--Concentrates
Color Concentrates, Solid
Custom Compounding, Formulating--Thermoplastics
Degradation Promoters
Fillers--Mineral or Other Inorganic Type
Flame Retardant Concentrates
Fragrance Additives
Lubricant Concentrates
Nucleating/Clarifying Agents
Odor Neutralizers
Processing Aids--Other Organic Types
Processing Aids--Polymeric Type
Slip Agent Concentrates
UV Stabilizer Concentrates