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Blow Molding: Compact, Integrated Blowing & Labeling System for PET Bottles
Integrating PET bottle blowing and labeling saves floorspace and prevents bottle damage in conveying.

Blow Molding: Faster, Super-Compact PET Blow-Fill-Cap System for Still Water
Sidel’s new Super Combi Compact is 30% faster and occupies 30% less floorspace.

Novel PET Water Bottle Pushes ‘Eco-Friendly’ Boundaries
Sidel’s AYA offers super-light weight, 100% rPET content, and reduction of secondary and tertiary packaging materials.

How One Machine Builder Helps Fight the Coronavirus
Sidel converted its main stretch-blow molding development center to a production of PET hand-sanitizer bottles.

Opaque White Bottle-to-Bottle Recycling Proven with 100% rPET
Swiss masterbatch producer Sukano and French PET bottle machinery builder Sidel collaborated on a project to confirm the bottle-to-bottle recyclability of opaque white light-barrier PET dairy bottles.

COMEP pioneered low-blowing-pressure technologies for PET bottles.

Sidel Buys PET Moldmaker
Sidel adds to its tooling capabilities with acquisition of COMEP in France.

Sidel’s StarLite Still base design contributes to a new benchmark in lightweighting PET bottles.

Another Milestone in Lightweighting PET Bottles
Sidel has introduced X-Lite Still, which it calls “the lightest 500-ml PET bottle in the world for non-pressurized still water.” With a height of 195 mm, it weighs only 6.5 g.

Superior bottle definition with Liquiform is exemplified in this PET liquor bottle with embossed detailing.

Simultaneous Blowing/Filling Process ‘Breaks Down Walls’ in Supply Chain
Amcor’s LiquiForm technology supports new ‘holistic’ on-site processing service.

This unusually shaped water bottle was designed by PET Engineering.

Sidel Acquires PET Packaging Designer & Moldmaker
PET Engineering Srl in Italy adds to Sidel’s package of PET packaging capabilities.

Sidel's StarLite UltraLight PET bottle base for CSD saves up to 25% in weight.

Blow Molding: Ultra-Light PET Base Design For CSD Bottles
New base for PET CSD bottles cuts weight by 25%.

Sidel BoostPrime PET bottle uses base inversion to resist vacuum on cooling after hot-filling.

Blow Molding: Base Inversion Adds Design Flexibility, Weight Savings for Hot-Fill PET Bottles
Sidel BoostPrime PET bottle designs make lighter hot-fill containers without vacuum panels or gas addition.

Pretium Packaging blow molded PET bottle integrated handle.

New Approach to PET Containers With Integral Handles Commercialized
Special preform has integral injection molded handle.

Sidel Opens Cap Molding Plant in Arizona
Beverage cap molding operations transferred to PET bottle machinery division.

Sidel Opens Cap Molding Plant in Arizona
PET blow molding machinery producer gains cap-molding division.

Sidel’s Lightweight Bottle Design; An Example of Resin Savings
The current upward trajectory of PET prices makes such designs more attractive.

Portuguese Blow Molder Expands Kansas City Plant
Logoplaste will invest $35 million to expand its facility in Kansas City, making it the company’s new U.S. manufacturing and distribution hub.

Speed to Market: Pretium Stays Light on Its Feet And Ahead of the Pack
A visit to its largest PET plant illustrates how this versatile blow molder leverages design skills, a can-do attitude, and a high degree of production flexibility to supply custom products in ever-shorter time windows. A new thrust into automation will help pick up the pace.

Developing Tomorrow’s Containers: Inside Amcor’s R&D Center
How award-winning package design, full-service laboratory facilities, and game-changing process development support a world-class injection and blow molder.

Blow a Bottle with Liquid Instead of Air
New technology--to be made widely available--blows and fills bottles in the same step.

Sleeve Labels Drive Packaging R&D
Machinery and material suppliers are collaborating on new labels that don’t gum up the lucrative PET bottle reclaim business.

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