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New Report Says 74% of Companies Plan to Invest in 3D Printing in 2021
Over half of survey respondents plan to invest up to $100,000 in 3D printing technologies next year.

GM Using Stratasys 3D Printing Systems for Ventilator Tooling Production
GM’s director of additive manufacturing, Ron Daul, talks with Plastics Technology about the company’s investment in 3D printing technologies. 

Stratasys Announces Winners of the CoVent-19 Challenge to Design New Ventilator
The three winners will receive a total of $10,000 in credits for 3D printing from Stratasys.

Additive Manufacturing: New 3D Printer Aims to Validate New Product Designs Quickly
The new J55 3D printer from Stratasys is about a third the price of the PolyJet printers.

Stratasys and Origin Partner to Bring 3D-Printed Nasopharyngeal Swabs to Healthcare Providers
Origin plans to increase production from 100,000 per week to over a million per week by May.

CoVent-19 Challenge Asks Designers and Engineers to Respond to the Ventilator Crisis
This global, open innovation initiative is via Stratasys GrabCAD platform and designed to help develop a rapidly deployable mechanical ventilator.

Stratasys Coalition Expands to Ramp Up Face Shield Production With 3D Printing
Stratasys has received requests for 350,000 face shields, so further acceleration in production across coalition members is critical.

Stratasys Producing 3D-Printed Face Shields In Response to Coronavirus Pandemic
Any 3D printing shop in the U.S. that wishes to help print plastic frames, can fill out an online form to be invited to join the effort.

Additive Manufacturing: New Mid-Range 3D Printer
The new J826 from Stratasys is a lower cost option that broadens access to full-color, seven-material PolyJet 3D printing for enterprise shops and educational institutions.

Stratasys F900

Stratasys, Solvay Partner to Bring New FDM Materials to Market
Solvay selected as first materials leader to develop Stratasys-approved filament for the F900 3D printer.

Bombardier Transportation invests in Stratasys 3d printing

Bombardier Transportation To Use F900 3D Printer From Stratasys
The manufacturer will produce final end-use rail parts, as well as manufacturing tools and prototypes for trains and trams across German-speaking countries.

Part pritned with Sabic Ultem and AMS31F

Sabic Launches New AMS31F Breakaway Filament
Sabic AMS31F filament combined with Ultem AM9085F filament creates a high-performance material that provides high heat resistance and mechanical strength.

Stratasys V650 Flex

Stratasys Introduces V650 Flex Stereolithography 3D Printer
The collaboration with DSM reportedly allows customers to have greater access and flexibility for development of prototypes and tooling using stereolithography 3D printing.

The Stratasys F120 3D Printer

Stratasys Unveils Newest Addition to the F123 Series of 3D Printers
The company says the F120 brings industrial 3D printing to the masses.

The 2017 Ford F-150's open/close valve actuation system--made of polyacetal+PTFE and nylon 6--won the powertrain category and was the grand award winner.

Several Thermoplastic 'Firsts' Among 2018 SPE Automotive Awards
With the addition of an Additive Manufacturing slot, all nine categories exemplify innovation and transferability in the use of plastics.

FDM 3D-printed parts

Stratasys Produces 3D-printed Parts for Britain's Angel Trains
All parts have been designed for additive manufacturing using Stratasys’ Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) technology.

Stratasys uPrint SE Plus 3D printer

Market Trends in Polymer Additive Manufacturing
Unlike the BetaMax/VHS technology debate, all the established polymer print technologies have a viable long-term role to play in the 3D-printing industry.

Forecast 3D HP Multi Jet Fusion 3D printer systems

Additive Manufacturing at NPE2018: Lots of Prototyping…and Some Manufacturing Too
As a growing industry, there will be lots of ‘firsts’ at NPE, including a new zone and workshop.

stratasys 3d printing replacing metal part

Carbon-Filled Thermoplastic 3D Printing Material Replaces Handmade Metal Parts
Handmade metal part required replacement three times a month, with delivery times of a month or more.

concept boat hull Livrea Yacht

Engineering Resins Maker Focuses on 3D Printing Materials
SABIC develops arsenal of specialty products based on its engineering resins for a new range of processes.

MakerBot 3D printers at Voodoo Mfg

Large-Scale 3D Printing Venture Competes with Injection Molding
With 160 FDM printers, a Brooklyn startup offers part runs up to 10,000 units—and soon perhaps 100,000—at prices competitive with injection molding.

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