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As Seen In Plastics Technology

K 2019 Preview: Molds and More at the Messe
Here’s news to look for in molds, mold components, hot runners and controls at the giant K fair in October.

Meusburger E 7055 locking cylinder

Tooling: Locking Cylinder Features Compact Design
By eliminating the need for side locking of the slides, a new cylinder’s simplified design features fewer components, which saves space and installation/repair time.

New, larger sizes of Incoe’s Slim-Flo screw-in nozzles

Plentiful News in Hot Runners at Fakuma Show
More compact hot runners, even for large parts; smarter controls; unusual nozzle designs; remote mold monitoring; and a new source of LSR cold-runners.

New Hasco safety couplings.

Tooling: New Mold Components at Fakuma Show
Automatic safety locks, mold status indicators, hose manifold blocks, online ejector configurators, and new flexible lifters.

Meusburger E 3310 TT-Slide

New Mini Mold Components
At Fakuma, Meusburger went “small” with its two newest standard mold components.

Progressive Components CVe live

NPE2018 New Technology Focus: Mold Components, Supplies, Maintenance
Advances include new approaches to tool maintenance and monitoring.

Thermoplay small nozzle mini valve gate

Hot Runners & Tooling at NPE2018: Smarter & More Specialized
Hot-runner technology, like the companies utilizing it, is becoming highly specialized, building in focused functionality for the application to be molded. Like most of the equipment in the cell around it, it’s also becoming smarter, sharing data and reacting to feedback from the press and more.

Meusburger E 3064 guide for inclined pin

Guide for Inclined Pin Enables High-Force Absorption
Meusburger developed the E 3064 guide for inclined pin to address the challenge of the inclined surface machining of the guiding hole in the slide.

Meusburger e13070 and E13076 centering unit.

Flat Centering Unit Enables High-Precision Centering of Inserts
Meusburger designed its E 1307 centering installs with minimum space, providing inserts with maximum space utilization within the insert.

Tooling: New Standard Mold Components
Stack-mold actuators and mold monitors stood out from the crowd of new mold components at Fakuma 2017 from Hasco, Meusburger, Haidlmair, and Progressive Components.

Mold-Masters No-Gate hot runner technology

News in Hot Runners & Tooling At Fakuma 2017 Show
Highlights included some unusual solutions to common problems, slim nozzles for close spacing, and controls with lots of zones, as well as a handful of new cost- and space-saving standard mold components

PSG hot-runner nozzle from Meusburger

Meusburger Adds Hot Runner Nozzles
Meusburger now offers hot-runner nozzles from its PSG subsidiary.

Meusburger E 3064 inclined-pin guide

Tooling: Guide for Inclined Pin Promises Higher Force Absorption
Materials and special hole geometry impart full-surface contact between inclined pin and guiding for higher force absorption.

E 2187 IsoTemp high temperature hose Meusburger

Tooling: High Temperature Hoses Swap Metal Sheath for Silicone
Worker protection against burns and abrasion from frayed metal sheath.

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