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PET fiber

Eastman to Use Reclaimed Polyester Carpet as Feedstock for Chemical Recycling
The reclaimed polyester carpet will be collected and processed by Circular Polymers, transported by railcar, and then upcycled by Eastman to produce new materials with certified recycled content.

Materials: Recycle Content Copolyesters for Cosmetic Cases
Eastman’s new copolyesters demonstrate circular economy credentials to the cosmetics sector.

Eastman Launches Chemical Recycling Innovation for Complex Plastic Waste
Eastman’s ‘carbon renewal technology’ can recycle difficult to recycle plastic waste such as flexible packaging and films.

Eastman Launches Chemical Recycling Innovation for Complex Mixed Plastic Waste
Eastman’s ‘carbon renewal technology’ can recycle mixed plastic waste such as flexible packaging and films.

Eastman Chemical methanolysis

Eastman to Launch Advanced Circular Recycling Technology
Through the methanolysis process, polyester-based waste products are broken down to their building blocks which can be reintroduced for new polyester-based polymer production.

Eastman to Launch Advanced Circular Recycling Technology
Through Eastman’s methanolysis process, polyester-based waste products are broken down to their monomers which can then be used to for new polyester production.

Meredith-Springfield president and CEO Mel O’Leary holds a large EPET jar molded on a Bekum extrusion blow molding machine

‘We Don’t Shy Away from a Challenge’
Meredith-Springfield thrives on technically difficult blow molding jobs that others avoid. Its latest pioneering effort is pushing the limits in the new field of EPET.

Valeria Orozco Nestlé

Recycling a Key Focus at The Packaging Conference
Packaging trends, innovation and initiatives were discussed—all with an emphasis on sustainability.  

Industry Collaborations and Next-Generation Materials Highlighted by Eastman at MD&M West
Eastman’s collaboration with Clemson University includes leading manufacturer of disposable medical devices and innovative medical thermoformer.

The better recycling profile prompted conversions from PETG  to EPET in products such as Simply Orange.

Why Blow Molders Are Switching to EPET
High clarity, easy incorporation of handles, and recycling resin code No. 1 are the principal drivers for converting to EPET resins for extrusion blow molding.

Copolyester & Engineering Bioplastic Score Highly in Molded Acoustic Enclosures
Collaboration with audio product development pro resulted in in-ear monitor housings with superior acoustic performance. 

Eight Eastman Copolyesters Get Cradle to Cradle Platinum Certification
This is the first time the company’s products have achieved the highest rating for Material Health and the first time Tritan has been included in the certification.

Materials: Self-Bonding LSR Optimizes Overmolding with Specialty Copolyester
Momentive’s new LSR series enables overmolding with Eastman’s Tritan in a single-step process.

Eastman Completes Tritan Copolyester Expansion
Plans to increase PETG & PCTG specialty copolyester capacity by 25% well underway.

Application of Luminy PLA, from Total Corbion PLA.

Remarkable Display of Bioplastics at NPE2018
More than 70 companies are presenting products and technologies related to biobased polymers. That could easily make NPE2018 one of the largest bioplastics offerings.

NPE2018 New Technology Focus: Bioplastics & PCR Engineered Compounds
New formulations target more demanding applications in automotive, electronics and more.

Steve Maguire, founder of Maguire Products Inc.

Plastics Hall of Fame: 10 Inspiring Stories
Last evening, at the Linda W. Chapin Theatre, the Plastics Academy inducted 10 new members into the Plastics Hall of Fame. Meet these outstanding individuals with remarkable stories. Each one teaches a lesson of hard work and creative thinking.

David Cornell, Eastman Chemical

David Cornell: Setting the Technical Foundation of Recycling
Considered a pioneer in defining the processes to produce bottle-grade PET and later helping set the guidelines for recycling, David Cornell earned a spot in the Plastics Hall of Fame this year.

Ascend’s Vydyne XHT nylon 66

Resins & Additives at NPE2018: Spotlight on Performance, Economy, Sustainability
NPE will host lots of news in engineered thermoplastic compounds, customized TPEs, polyolefins for packaging, bioplastics, recycled content compounds, purging agents, 3D printing materials, and a slew of innovative additives.

Eastman Chemical medical testing protocol

Materials: Copolyester Designed for Electronics Housings in Medical Devices
New copolyester available as a fully compounded, biocompatible, medical-grade polymer for medical device housings and hardware with strong impact and chemical resistance.

Eastman and Sun Chemical shrink labels

Recycling Needs Drive Innovation in Sleeve Labels
Materials suppliers and film processors have been hard at work creating new label offerings compatible with PET bottle recycling.

Product Categories of Eastman Chemical Co.

Adhesion Promoters (for Inks, Coatings)
Adhesives for Plastics
Antioxidant Concentrates
Biodegradable, Photodegradable Resins and Compounds
Cellulose Acetate
Cellulose Acetate Butyrate
Cellulose Acetate Propionate
Color Concentrates, Solid
Impact Modifiers
Polyester (Thermoplastic)--PCT Type
Polyester (Thermoplastic)--PCTA Type
Polyester (Thermoplastic)--PCTG Type
Polyester (Thermoplastic)--PET Type
Polyester (Thermoplastic)--PETG Type
Polyester Promoters, Accelerators
Processing Aids--Polymeric Type
Release Agents--External (Spray or Wipe-on)
Thermoplastic Elastomers--Olefinic Type
Thermoplastic Elastomers--Polyester Type
UV Stabilizers

Trade Names

The Glass Polymer