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Company Profile

Absolute Haitian is the supplier in North America of injection molding machines from 45 to 7,425 tons of clamp force, including all-electric models, servo-hydraulic models, two-platen technology and vertical machines.

As Seen In Plastics Technology

Absolute Haitian Names Holbrook Regional Sales Manager
Twenty-year vet takes over North Central territory.

Absolute Haitian’s first U.S. assembly plant for injection molding machines opened in May in Monck’s Corner, S.C., near Charleston.

Absolute Haitian Opens Its First U.S. Machine Assembly Plant
South Carolina operations center to assemble and test larger presses and stock machines for faster delivery.

Absolute Haitian Jupiter III Injection Molding Machine

Upgraded Two-Platen, Servo-Hydraulic Press Now for U.S.
Absolute Haitian’s Jupiter III said to be ideal for large parts such as trash bins, crates, automotive parts and appliance parts where high surface quality is critical.

GeKu of Germany

NPE2018: Robots & Automation Tackle Increasing Complexity
Exhibitors highlighted brute strength, complex automation cells, wireless networking, new controls features, and “collaborative” applications. Automated one-minute mold change was another attraction.

Milacron Cincinnati 2250-tons

NPE Wrap-Up: News in Primary Machinery, Part 1
Rounding up details from the Big Show not previously reported in all our other coverage, here’s more news in injection and blow molding, extrusion and compounding. Next month, we’ll conclude with recycling/scrap reclaim, robots, tooling, auxiliary equipment, materials and additives.

Making IML Even More Cost-Competitive
Absolute Robot Inc. shows economical IML automation system for the first time.

Zhafir Jenius Series injection molding machine from Absolute Haitian

Enhanced Clamp & Injection Specs Promote New Models from Absolute Haitian
Four new injection machine lines demonstrate commitment to deliver good machine value while responding to customer demands.

Jean-Michel Renaudeau, CEO of Sepro Group

Global Player in Robots Puts More of Its Chips on North America
Sepro has global distribution but North America is its biggest growth market. It is manufacturing here for the first time.

Engel molds interdental brushes for medical market

NPE2018 New Technology Focus: Healthy Interest in Medical
Medical molding is a big presence at NPE.

Absolute Haitian Zhafir Jenius injection molding machine

Injection Molding: New Electric & Hybrid Injection Machines, and a ‘Sneak Peek’ at More to Come
Four new models of economically priced injection machines from Absolute Haitian boast enhanced clamp and injection specs, while also offering energy savings.

Industry 4.0 explained by VDMA

Injection Molding at NPE2018: A Showplace for the ‘Smart Factory’
In Orlando, you’ll glimpse the future, and it’s automated and interconnected. But don’t worry, there are plenty of ways for plants of all sizes to get in on these trends.

Sepro 7X-45 injection molding robot

Sepro Features Its First ‘Made-in-America’ Robot
Sepro America is now building large robots in the U.S., including this 7X-45 five-axis unit.

Absolute Haitian shows Zhafir Jenius Series injection molding machine

New Electric & Hybrid Injection Machines, and a ‘Sneak Peek’ at More to Come
Absolute Haitian unveils new Jenius Series, plus enhanced versions of the Mars, Venus and Zeres lines. 

Mack Molding Adds ‘Largest Press in New England’
The 2360-ton Haitian press has a 268-oz shot capacity and the ability to handle 40,000-lb molds.

Haitian Zeres all electric injection molding machine

Injection Molding: All-Electrics Range Adds Four Higher Tonnages
All-electric injection molding machines with an integrated hydraulic system now extend up to 1551 tons clamp force.

adiabatic cooling system

ACS Group Opens New Technology Center
Less than a half mile from its primary manufacturing operations, auxiliary equipment supplier ACS Group has opened a new technology center in New Berlin, Wisc.

Remote machine monitoring status

K 2016 Preview: Injection Molding
Adapting injection molding to the concept of Industry 4.0 is gaining momentum. At this show you’ll see that the interconnected, integrated “factory of the future” is almost here.

Absolute Haitian Hires New Southeast Regional Sales Manager
Sherman McGinnis will manage and facilitate Haitian and Zhafir injection molding machine sales for Absolute Haitian, and Well-Lih robot sales for Absolute Robot for the southeastern states.

Haitian Boosts Machine Assembly in Germany
Injection molding machine manufacturer Haitian International has added a second production hall in Ebermannsdorf, Germany that will double its production space.

A Service Engineer’s Guide to Boosting Molding Machine Productivity
Consider these tips from a technician who’s visited about 4000 plants over a 40-year span.

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Injection Molding Machines

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Iapetus II Series
Jenius Series
Jupiter III Series
Mars II S
Venus II Series
Zeres Series