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A Message from Conair

Company Profile

DOING OUR PART FOR OVER 60 YEARS Conair was founded in 1956 to invent and manufacture equipment that would help the growing number of plastics processors get up and running efficiently and profitably, with higher levels of quality.

New Carousel Plus Dryer

Conair’s new Carousel PlusTM small and mid-sized dryers are 50% more energy efficient, require no water for cooling, and have a smaller footprint.

Continuous Blending in Exact, Precise Ratios

TrueWeighTM Continuous Blenders provide extremely precise loss-in-weight dispensing of dry solids of various size and bulk densities including pellet, regrind, micro-bead and powder.

Special Message

Most chillers operate at full speed, regardless of load.

New EZLoad Loaders from Conair Offer Reliable, Low-Cost Automation for Basic Loading Needs

The EZLoad Series single-tube loaders from Conair offer processors simple, reliable, and low-cost solutions for a range of everyday, point-to-point material conveying and loading applications.

8 Series Viper Granulator

Conair’s Viper Granulator 8-Series tangential granulators have footprint dimensions at least 30% smaller than many other granulators with similar capabilities.

As Seen In Plastics Technology

Conair TrueBlend gravimetric blenders

How to Blend More Accurately with Gravimetric Blenders
With intelligent and adaptive control technology combined with precision hardware designed, today’s best gravimetric blenders can deliver previously unachievable levels of accuracy. You’ll see the difference in more consistent injection molded or extruded product and reduced colorant and additive waste.

Act Sooner, Not Later, on Auxiliary Equipment Alarms
There can be real financial, safety, and quality benefits for processors who train plant personnel to interpret and respond promptly to various alarms. Real-world examples offer proof.  

Conair, Partners Run TPE Tubing, ABS 3D Filament at Medical Show
Conair joins Davis-Standard and Zumbach to demo complete system that switched between tubing and filament runs at Plastec West Show in California.

Heating/Cooling: Temperature Control Offers Non-Ferrous Cast-Bronze Construction
For Conair’s Thermolator TCUs that use water as coolant there is now an optional non-ferrous construction for all wetted parts.

Former Conair President Kenyon Dies
Served as president and COO of auxiliary equipment supplier for more than 18 years.

Resin Drying: Natural Gas Powered Process Heaters Offer Energy Savings
Conair says that with its GasTrac process air heaters, processors can realize energy cost savings of up to 70% by replacing electricity with natural gas as a heat source for dehumidifying dryers.

Resin Drying: Central System Offers Individualized Hopper Monitoring, Trending and Control
New system from Conair allows implementation of advanced control features on a per-hopper basis, including on older Conair dryers, as well as some competitive units.

Conair SmartServices

Industry 4.0—Auxiliary Equipment Monitoring Platform Expands Capabilities
Conair’s SmartServices platform adds centralized, full-featured machine controls and programmable performance indicators.

Conair TrueFeed Micro Feeder

Feeding: Micro Feeder Allows Pellet-By-Pellet Dosing
TrueFeed Micro Feeder from Conair designed for ultra-low doses—less than five pellets/sec.

Conair D Series large desiccant dryer

Drying: Large Dryer Series Simplifies, Makes More Features Standard
All the units in the new D Series of large dryers from Conair will feature desiccant-wheel technology, a common touchscreen control and an expanded set of standard features.

A granulator with three-blade rotor and tangential cutting chamber, which works well for PET preforms, won’t necessarily work for PET bottles (see next image).

How to Avoid Unpleasant Surprises in Size Reduction
Size-reduction equipment doesn’t get much attention unless there’s a problem or an entirely new application challenge. So when it’s time to repair or upgrade, take these steps to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

Molding 2019 panel discussion

VIDEO: Injection Molding Experts Confront Industry’s Challenges
The technology divide in molding; worst practices; low pay and less training—a panel of injection experts tackled some of the tough issues facing processors today during a panel at Molding 2019.

Conair mobile plastic resin dryer

True Portability Comes to Waterless Press-Side Dryers for Injection Molding
Conair’s new line of mobile resin dryers brings a whole new meaning to “portable.” With waterless desiccant drying and conveying combined on a compact, mobile base, these versatile units save on installation costs, utility costs and maintenance.

Conair Wave Conveying

Resin Conveying System Maximizes Throughput While Minimizing Material and Machine Abuse
Patented technology allows plastics processors to convey material at whatever speed provides the best throughput without damaging equipment or resin.

How to Maximize Your Conveying System Performance
If your conveying system isn’t up to snuff, and you don’t have the budget to overhaul or expand it, don’t lose hope. There are many factors that could be limiting your conveying performance, and a number of them cost little or nothing to fix.

Extruding Medical Tubing

How to Improve Production of Catheters and Stents
Advances in downstream extrusion equipment have boosted production control.

Biplab Pal, CTO and co-founder of MachineSense

NPE2018 Auxiliaries: A Path to Industry 4.0 Emerges
Industry 4.0 dominated the news in auxiliary equipment at the show, but many questions remain for both suppliers and processors.

Conair truck-fill line-proofing system

Material Handling: Truck-Fill Line Prevents Silo-Filling Errors
New truck-fill line-proofing system prevents material mix-ups by remotely locking access to silo-fill lines so only the correct line can connect.

Conair’s Railcar Unloading (RCU) controller

Material Handling: Manage Bulk-Resin Storage for 30 Silos on One Touchscreen
New Railcar Unloading Controller manages railcar unloading, silo selection, material routing, and silo filling from one control inside the building.

Conair PowerFill 8 vacuum conveying system

Material Handling: Miniature Central Vacuum Loads Up to Eight Machines
Vacuum conveying system combines the powerful vacuum pump, dust collector and PLC-based touchscreen control of a larger system with a compact and portable design.

Conair ML Series vacuum loaders

Material Handling: New Loaders and Receivers Handle Smaller Throughputs for Medical Jobs
Cleanroom-ready design and construction make them well suited for medical processing applications on injection molding machines up to 400 tons.

Product Categories of Conair

Automation/Systems Integration
Blenders (non-intensive)
Conveying Equipment (pneumatic and Mechanical)
Conveyors (parts-handling)
Cooling Towers
Cutoff Equipment
Dryers for Resins
Heat-recovery Systems
Hopper Loaders
Hoppers, Bins, Tanks
Hot-water or Oil-circulating Temperature Controllers
Knives for Granulators, Pelletizers
Metering, Proportioning Equipment
Pipe Take-off Systems
Profiles, Tubing, Hose Take-off Systems
Scrap-reclaim Systems
Semi-bulk Containers
Shredders, Guillotines
Training Programs in Plastics
Vacuum Pumps
Water Treatment/Filtration Systems